my name is Saylar i have long blonde hair green eyes and at my friend Vallory's house for a "sleepover" we are really sneaking out to a huge high school party people say I'm the prettiest  girl in school but that's hard to believe and the small town of hartlend isn't the most beautiful and has lots of evil secrets

                                                                             chapter 1

"Saylar!!!" Vallory yelled ummm come see if this skirt looks good with this top for umm school tomorrow!!!" Saylar rolled her eyes "your parents just left!!!" "oh.. well then tell me if my outfit is sexy enough!!!" Saylar smiled Vallory was the type of girl that thought the only way to a mans heart is through her body which is true 99% of the time but she felt josh was different the boy of her dreams and soon to be reality "SA-LAR!!!!" "coming!" Saylar came up the stairs she entered Vallory's room "so!?" Vallory struck a pose and did a stupid face for effect "miss Saylar you say yes to the dress?" "yes" Sayalr smiled "but never make that face around boys.. its a total turn off" Saylar and Vallory both laughed and fell on Vallory bed "so are you gonna kiss josh tonight?" "maybe" Saylar smiled looking like she had full confidence but in her head she was nothing like the surface she was so spazy,erratic and moonstruck she was as mad as a hatter and the outside was like a saltine cracker open and plain. "so Say" Vallory had a sinister smile "sex?" Saylar quickly sat up"Val you know I'm not like that" "ya i know it upsets every guy in high school" "really? why?" "because your the prettiest girl at ridge water high" "whatever" Saylar said playfully and rolled her eyes but Vallory was probaly equally pretty she had brown hair milky brown eyes and beautiful pink full lips. she couldn't have been the prettiest girl. 


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