The Damage Is Done ~ A Clato FanFic (Cato's POV)

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When I hear her scream my name, emotion rushes through me. I begin to run for her.

"Clove!" I yell.

She continues to scream my name. I am breaking at the edge of the forest when I called her name once more.

"Clove!" I scream.

That’s when I see Thresh toss her to the ground like she’s nothing. This moment is when I realize that I truly love her. Katniss scrambles away from the scene as does Thresh. I’m enraged, why does she have to die? A little spark of hope dances inside of my mournful mind. She might still be alive! I rush to Clove’s aid while she still has some life left in her. I pull her almost lifeless body on to my lap. She is my humanity. She's the one who kept me sane throughout the games, until now.

"Cato." She whispers.

"I’m sorry Clove. I love you." I sob.

Her eyes meet mine and I know she truly feels the same way about me.

"I love you too." She whispers.

"Stay with me Clove!" I begin to yell, "Stay with me! Come on you can do this!"

I can see the light leaving her eyes. "Clove!" I scream.

I squeeze her hand and tell her one last thing, "I'll see you soon. I promise."

Her eyes shut when a tear falls from my eye onto her cheek. I kiss her forehead. She’s gone. I didn’t even realize what I had until she left. I know I’ve always felt something, but why did I have to realize it now? It doesn’t matter anyways, I will see her soon. Like I promised her.

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