Nialls P.O.V

" Cree, we have to stop at the gas station were running out of gas!" " Okay, there is one right there!" She points to Pioneer. We pull into the gas station and pick the nearest one to us. " Okay, im just going to contact Abigail while your fulling it up, by the way watch out for fans!" She says with a wink. " Okay tell her I say hi" Cree nods before i shut the car door.

Abigails P.O.V    

" YOU GOT THAT ONE THING!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU AMERICAA!!!" I am amazing, i should just go on the X-Factor. "IM A SINGLE LADIE, IM A SINGLE LADIE". I run for my phone to shut up that stupid ringtone, i dont kknow how to even change it.                                                                        

"Hello"                                                    "Hey Abby, its Cree"                                             "Oh, hey! I thought you were leaving to Florida already?"                                     "Nope i just thought to call you before i leave"                                                "Haha okay, how's Niall doing?"                                          "He is doing fantasitc! OH,he says hi"                                                      "Tell him i say hi too"                                "Abigail, have you and Zayn talked because you would be the cutest couple on earth!!"she screams                           "CREE!"  i yell angrly i hate it when she brings it up,she knows that i hate zayn.    "Cree, you know i dont like Zayn!"                                                     " Abby, i know but what did Zayn ever do to you!?!" she yells back.                                                       "Welll nothing" I mumble under my breath                           " Exactly!! Just be friends?"      Damn she heard me.                                          "Zayn thinks he is all that and with all his hair products, mirror and everything! I just dont like i guy like that!" I snap back.                                     " Whatever Abby, I have to go ill talk to you before i get on the plane"                                  " Okay, bye"                 I hang up.                                                                      Cree just doesn't understand that he is obnoxious, annoying, attention whore. She will understand one day.                                                                                                                                                                            

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