"I'm sorry, I just hallucinated. What did you say?" said a confused Julia. That girl and her Legally Blonde.

"I'm. His. Girlfriend." she moved her hand while she answered my friend.

"Uh. That's...Awesome!" I blurted.

Julia shot me with daggers with her eyes. Charlie looked at me with the innocent green/brown eyes I had been intoduced to and smiled. She flounced away leaving me and Lulu speechless.

"Whatcha looking at?" A voice from behind me said.

"Oh nothing babe, " I turned around to find Niall, with a Arnold Palmer in his stretched out hand.

"Thanks." I gush taking a sip from my favorite drink. Ever.

"So, I love you and all but, WHY IN THE NAME OF DARREN EVERETT CRISS DID U NOT TELL ME THAT MY BEST BOYLY FRIEND HAD A GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!" I whisper-screamed at Niall, while Julia nodded in agreement.

"Oh....erm....Charlie?" Niall questioned.

"No. The Queen. OF COURSE CHARLIE!!!" I whisper-screamed again.

"She's.....erm.....different." Niall anxiously answered.

"Different?" Julia said in a little voice.

We noticed a bench, and Niall gestured us to sit on it.

"Here, Let Niall tell you a story."

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