Andy’s POV:  

Hi Andy :) <3 ~ L.

The fuck? Who just texted me? I rolled over and blindly looked for my phone.

Um I’m really sorry but who is this? ~ Andy

Whoever it was i was actually happy that they decided to randomly text me. I really needed to get my ass up.

Oh, sorry my name’s Lisa :3... we met @ ur concert last night, but i lost my voice and couldn’t talk. ~ L.

Lisa? Oh it was that girl that was with Ariel last night. Damn, I had the weirdest dream about her last night... but I can’t remember what it was about.

Oh yeah, you were the girl hanging with Ariel last night right? And good morning :D ~ Andy

I finally got out bed, put on some white torn skinnies and texted Jinxx.

Hey bitch... good morning :D and do we have anything going today? ~ Andy

I grabbed a banana and was grateful no one was around. You never EVER make eye contact while eating a banana. Never.

My phone buzzed and I saw it was Jinxx.

Sup mai hoe? and no we don't... it's a free day today. ~ Jinxx

Okay ;) i’ll talk to you later then. ~ Andy

Yepp... adios ~ Jinxx

I wonder if Ariel has texted any of the guys yet and why she hasn’t texted me yet. You’re not supposed to care remember? This is CC’s chance.

Shut up Joe. I can still be her friend.

Mhm sure, “friend” okay then.

My phone buzzed again.

Sorry that took so long... Ariel was making me eat... lol weird right? ~ L.

Making her eat? Why did she need to make her eat?

?_? why was she making yhu eat? And would you be so kind as to send me her number? ~ Andy

Good god. What was I going today? Usually I would go spend the day with Nevah... but that wasn’t going to ever happen again. I tried not to think about the pain that flashed through me as I thought her name.

You know, cheaters fucking suck. You give your everything to these people and they don’t even have the respect to tell you that they don’t want or love you anymore. They have the balls to go around your back thinking they won’t ever get caught. They take the heart you’ve given them and throw it on the ground kicking it before spitting on it.

When someone cheats the worst part is that now you know. You know that they truly never loved you before. You finally find out that every single word they ever said to you was a lie. That’s the worst part about it all.

My phone buzzed again and I was thankful for it pulling me out of thought.

Um sure? (123)-456-8910 and well, i hate eating. My babe here doesn’t really prefer living... I make her live and she makes me eat. :P now you think we’re weird right? ~ L.

Wow. This guys are really tight. I’m glad that they have each other, they have a friendship that people look for their entire lives.

Oh hey that's cool that you guys have each other! :D <3 ~ Andy

I texted Ariel hopefully she would text me back.

Hey it’s me andy... is it cool with you guys if I come over later? ~ Andy

I grabbed a botdf t-shirt and started on my hair.

I almost burned my neck with the straightener. My phone buzzed and startled me.

Um yeah sure idc... but CC is coming over too. You mind hanging out with Lisa while me and CC go hang? ~ Elmo

Elmo? The fuck? Oh that must be Ariel. She’s going to hang out with CC? Great, looks like he’s already making a move. Well good for him I guess. I’m sure it’ll be cool to hang out with Lisa.

Yeah that's cool :3 i’ll be over in a minute? ~ Andy

I looked at the address she sent me and got in my car. God I wish I was the one hanging out Ariel tonight.


Ariel’s POV:

“Hey babe do you mind hanging out with Andy while CC and I go hang out later?” I skipped over to Lisa and hugged her while she got some orange juice.

“Really? You’re really going to let me hang with Andy!?” I rolled my eyes. She was excited but for the wrong reason. She thinks I have some crush on her and she called dibs but FOR me. I told her she was wrong so when CC, the drummer, asked me out tonight I gratefully accepted.

I kissed her cheek. “Of course. I told you already I don’t like him like that.” I poked her side and wiggled my eyebrows at her.

“But, I know you do.” She giggled and poked me too.

“Yeah... I kind of do.” She just smiled to herself and drank her juice.

There was knock at door and I skipped to answer it. Damn I was in a good mood today.

“Hello there I know we haven’t met yet but my name is Ronnie. Ronnie Radke. You’re Ariel right?” I was awestruck. I don’t know this guy but damn it, he was crazy hot.

“Um yeah hi. How do you know who I am?” I blinked and found his smile infectious. Good lord, was I flirting with him?

He chuckled and shook my hand.

“Yeah, well sorry to be a creeper but I was one of the bands that played last night at the concert? I opened for Black Veil Brides. I’m in a band called Falling in Reverse.” He smiled at me again causing me to blush.

Falling in Reverse? Oh yeah that one of the only other bands that I like besides Black Veil Brides.

“Oh yeah. Ha well how did you find out where I lived?” That was the only thing that creeped me out. I talked to BvB not him.

“Oh well I’m really close with CC and he was telling me about you. So I decided to come over and see if you wanted to hang out tonight?” Oh man. I would really like to but I’m hanging out with CC. I can’t bail on him like that, that’s a total bitch move.

“Oh shit, well i'm sorry but i promised CC I would hang out with him tonight... I’m really sorry but maybe you would like to...” I was interrupted by Lisa screaming and shoving me aside.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD! YOU’RE FUCKING RONNIE RADKE!” She was jumping up and down not even five inches away from his face.

“Haha wow, yeah I am.” He smiled at her and gave her a hug. I’m sure if she ever had to pick between Andy and Ronnie she would be conflicted for the rest of time.

“Omg, well what are you doing here? Not that I don't want you here. But why?” She was rambling now which is what she does whenever she’s crazy excited.

“Liss. Lisa. LISA! HEY!” I had to scream and spin her around to  get her pay attention to me.

“Babe you gotta calm down. You’re going to make him realize just how weird we really are.” He just laughed and shook his head and looked over his shoulder as someone honked their car.

“Well you guys... here’s my number. Text me okay?” He put his number into both of our phones and gave us a hug.

“Make sure you let me know when you want to hang out okay!?” he shouted over his shoulder as he ran to the car. We both nodded and waved at him.

I was going with CC tonight... but is it a bad thing that I wish I hanging out with Ronnie instead?

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