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Chapter 15: Untitled Crappyde Crap Crap!



"Wake up!" A rough raspy voice rang as I felt someone kick the side of my stomach I opened my eyes to see Him I glared up at him and he frowned then put his leg back and down on my hard to the side of my stomach I gasped before he could hurt me letting my hands cover my stomach so the baby wouldn't get hurt.

He smiled evilly as I groaned "That seems better." He said I looked up at him with cold eyes "Your sick and pathetic do you really feel like a man doing this to me!." I said as I felt my cheek tingle with his slap "Actually I do."He said.

I laughed "Oh yeah well this doesn't hurt I've felt more pain than this from Brian.... This is nothing you are not a man you something that is pathetic who didn't even try to fight for mom instead ou fell to this state sulked around and planned for something this stupid only to make my mother more angry and you think this is the solution!" I said he paused the look of regret was clear in his eyes.

As soon as it came it went as growls sounded outside he turned fast and ran out locking the door back it was then I felt it... it was him! Adrian was here! I ran to the cage door pulling it it wouldn't budge. I looked around and saw how close the key was I reached out far as the cage bars gave me a bruise squeezing my arms!.

He came back in and saw me I back away as he came to me.

This time he had a sword...


He was going to kill me! I watched as he opened the cage and left it wide open standing in front of it glaring "Seems like someone has betrayed me." He said and then sighed smiling "Not a problem I still have time I will kill you even if it's the last thing I do." He said walking to me I backed up to the wall.

I did not cry nor shout for help, he cornered me to the wall as I closed my eyes in I gasped as I saw Adrian "Nooo!!" He screamed as he stuck the sword into my stomach my eyes were wide as I saw it all Adrian turned into wolf form and attacked him.

I fell to the floor clutching my stomach I raised my hand seeing the crimson colored blood ooze out I looked to the side my vision blurry as looking at them as he fell to the floor I was surrounded by people "Okay....Ariel....Are.....Okay." I could barely hear all I heard was my heart beat slowly fading away and looking at the man his lips moving.

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