A Witch in Pokémon - Season 1; Chapter 3

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After a few hours of walking, Bloom decided that a break was in order and it was as good of a time as any for a snack.

She and Absol found a small clearing that would make for a great resting spot. After laying out a picnic blanket, she took out some berries, a bowl of milk and a package of chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps she could make some homemade ones another time. She gave some Oran Berries and two bowls of milk to Absol before taking out Luxray's ball.

If Luxray was going to be on her team from now on, they would have to get along. With a sigh, she released him from his pokeball.

Luxray looked sharply at his surroundings before his red eyes settled on Absol, and more importantly Bloom.

Bloom made no sudden movements and kept eye contact with the pokemon, showing no fear. She could tell that he was searching for something in her gaze.

"I mean you no harm, Luxray. If you are not content with me, you are more than welcome to leave. I will not force you to stay. If you're going to stay and travel with me, its because you want to, not because you're obliged to." Bloom said, never breaking eye contact with Luxray.

"Lux," the Electric Type said gruffly with a hint of respect. He sat down and tentatively allowed Bloom to pet his mane. He eventually joined Absol in eating Oran berries and drinking Moo Moo Milk, of which he really seemed to enjoy since he had gone through two bowls of the stuff while Bloom occasionally slipped them some chocolate chip cookies.

Bloom then spent the next half hour brushing both Absol and Luxray. She wanted to keep their fur nice and soft. She would have to remember to pick up some shampoo for pokemon once she arrives in Pallet town.

After brushing her pokemon and eating her milk and cookies, she packed everything up.

"Luxray, do you want to walk beside me or do you want to go inside your ball?" Bloom asked.

Luxray looked at the pokeball in his trainer's hand then at Bloom before nuzzling her side. Bloom pets her pokemon back, as Luxray purred from the affection, warming up to Bloom quickly.

"Walking it is then. Let's go," Bloom said with a smile and with a quick look at her PokeNav, they were off.

After picking up some supplies at the shopping district of Pallet town, the trio was now on their way to the lab of the world-renowned professor, Professor Oak, where she would be able to get her pokedex.

"Help! Somebody, please help me!" A voice cried out.

Bloom looked at her pokemon before dashing off towards the source of the voice. The three ran for a few minutes before finding the source of the cries for help.

It was an old man hanging off of a tree branch with several big and brown rat-like pokemon trying to bulldoze the trunk part of the tree.

"Hello there! Can I please get some assistance?" the old man requested sheepishly.

Bloom nodded with a small but amused smile at the man's predicament.

"Luxray, will you allow me to command you in battle?" Bloom asked.

Luxray looked at her for a moment and nodded with respect and anticipation.

"Alright then. Luxray, use Discharge!" Bloom commanded, mentally thanking Steven for identifying Luxray's abilities.

He knew Tackle Flash, Swift, Electric Terrain, Discharge, Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt, Ice Fang, Iron Tail, and Wild Charge. A good moveset but not too surprising considering Luxray had once belonged to another trainer.

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