Oh how I love these boys

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Okay okay okay okay. Soooo the song for this chapter is As Long as you Love me by Justin Beiber. I am so obsessed with this song I've been listening to it on constant repeat for like days lol. I don't know why I love it so much but I do haha.

On with the story.

Oh and if you haven't noticed then most of the story is in Liam's POV. So every time I start a chapter then it's in Liam's POV unless I say otherwise. Okay now on with the story.





There was a knock on the door. She's right on time. Great. I haven't even met her I realized. I wonder what she looks like. I'm so stupid all I have to do is go downstairs and see her, but I can't bring myself to go down there. I don't know how long she is going to be here but want it to be a long time so I can have more time to gather my thoughts.

"Liam! Come meet Katie!" I heard Harry yell. I sighed and pulled myself off my bed and dragged myself out the door. I trudged down the stairs listening to what they were saying.

"I will apologize for Liam beforehand." Harry said.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well he's been acting weird lately and there's no telling how he will act." He answered sighing a little at the end.

"Oh well I'm sure it will be fine." She said the smile clear in her voice. She seemed like a very positive and happy girl. Perfect for Harry.

 I took a deep breath and walked the rest of the way down the stairs to the living room. As soon as I walked in every stopped and stared at me. I just ignored me and proceded over to Katie.

"Hi I'm Liam. It's nice to meet you." I said shaking her hand.

She smiled at me. "I'm Katie." I didn't know what to say after that so I walked over to a chair and sat down pulling out my phone. I was just looking through my twitter when I received a text.

Destiny: I know that she is there. Make sure that you go through with the plan. Love you x

Me: Shut up.

I thought that, that was a pretty good reply for her. She needs to learn when to be quiet and when enough is enough. I'm not entirely sure how I even ever liked her in the first place I mean she is cruel, evil, horrible, annoying, and just so fake. It's disgusting. 

I looked up from my phone. "So what are you two doing today?" I asked looking at Harry and Katie. They were sitting next to each other looking at something on Harry's phone and laughing. I hope it wasn't a picture of him naked or something.

"Well we were planning on going to the fair." Harry answered me not even glancing at me. "And then maybe coming back here and watching a movie or something." He shrugged. 

Okay that gave me a few hours before they were done at the fair. Then I would do it. I'm having mini heart attacks thinking about what Harry will do when he sees us. I can only hope that I will die instantly instead of slow and painfully. Because he is most likely going to kill me.

"Alright well we better get going." Harry said standing up from his place on the couch then proceding to help Katie. They both walked over to the door and Harry opened it for her. "We will be back later." he said.

"You kids have fun, but not to much fun. I'm pretty sure that's illegal in public though....." Louis started.

"Bye we're leaving now!" Harry yelled then ran out.

We all started laughing then went back to what we were doing.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked them.

"Well we are going to go to dinner. I don't know what you are doing." Louis said.

"What do you mean?"

"You always ditch us for Destiny. Can't you ever cancel something with her to spend time with us?" He asked sounding almost hurt.

"Umm... It's a little bit complicated." I said a little bit awkwardly. "So where are we going to eat?" I said trying to change the subject.

"You mean..... you're coming!" Louis said excitedly. Running over to me and grabbing me in a little to tight of a hug.

"Ya if you don't kill me first." I choked out.

"Oh sorry." he said letting go and stepping back.

"Lets go!" I said grabbing the keys off the counter. We all ran outside and jumped in the car. I hope we don't get mobbed or anything because we don't have any security. Oh well we will probably be fine. I realized that I didn't even know where we were eating. I assumed Nando's but it can't hurt to make sure.

"Wait, where are we eating?" I asked keeping my eyes on the road so I wouldn't crash.

"NANDO'S!" Niall screamed. Ow my ears.

I didn't ask questions I just drove straight to Nando's. I hope we weren't out to long I needed to get back before Harry and Destiny do for my plan to take place. I had a plan. It was pretty much the same one that Destiny said but I worked out all the details. 

We ordered our food and sat waiting for it patiently......except Niall.

"Where's my food." Nial whined. 

I sighed. "It's coming Nialler just be patient."

He grumbled sinking down in his seat. "Fine daddy." he mumbled. I rolled my eyes. 

When our food finally did come Niall immediately started shoveling his food into his mouth. Not even ten minutes later and he had eaten everything which had to have been the whole menu, and still wanted some of ours. When I told him to stop eating other peoples food he stuck his tongue out at me and sunk down in his seat pulling out his phone.  I just sighed and finished up my food.

Once we were all done with our food we paid and made our way back to the car piling in, and then we were off heading back to the house. 

I was actually not wanting to go back home. I wanted to stay out with these guys, my best friends all night, but of course I can't. I can't do anything anymore. Things are going to happen at the house that are going to make a lot of people upset. Maybe Katie will go straight home and won't come back and I won't have to worry about it. That would be nice. Nothing ever goes my way though so I might as well stop hoping.

It was very quet in the car so I turned on the radio and As Long as you Love me by Justin Bieber came on taking up the silence. We all started singing along which turned into screaming the lyrics to any song that came on the whole way home. Oh how I love these boys.


This story is moving kind of slow. It's taken like two chapters just for this day and it's going to be a third when I update again. Oh well I guess haha.

Bleh I hate school so much!! I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it. It's stupid and pathetic and crappy and full of stinky bratty and drama filled people it just sucks. I know I said I was going to update on Friday's but I got bored and wanted to post this so I did Yay! It's longer which is good but it's really boring. It's just a filler and I do not like boring fillers. Next chapter is going to have drama though so it will be ok.

Anywaysss I love you all!

McKenna x

P.S @BrynliLovesNiall I love you and I miss you so flacking much okay? okay bye.

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