Chapter 3

"Ok then explain, but don't expect me to talk to you for like ever," I said.

"Well first, as you know I'm a werewolf, I turn into one when it's a full moon, and once we have transformed we are a werewolf, if we want to we can change back to a human if we want to,"

"That's cool, so why did you kill my dad?" asking this brought tears to my eyes.

"Well, I was walking in this forest as a werewolf and then the next thing I know I hear yelling and I turn around and there's your dad and he's got a sword in his hand and he is running towards me. I got really scared I tried to run away but I couldn't so I fought him and I accidently scratched him in the stomach to get him off me because he had jumped on me, and it cut his stomach and I went to hide behind a tree and changed back into a human then I called the ambulance but by the time they came he had passed away!" he explained.

I thought about what he had said, in a way my dad had bought it on himself by jumping on Jacob.

I didn't want to talk to Jacob ever no matter how many times he says sorry.

I saw Jacob at my locker the next day, I walked away and Jacob came after me trying to talk to me but I just wanted him to leave and never return no matter what.

"Izzie, stop will you please talk to me,"

"no go away Jacob," I tried to fight back tears.

"Izzie please let me explain," he had caught up to me and grabbed my arm.

"you've done enough explaining, now JUST LEAVE ME ALONE." I yelled and I started to cry, I noticed that everyone was staring. At that moment the principal came out of her office and asked what's going on. I walked away without saying anything while I left Jacob standing there, the students telling the prinicpal what had happened.

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