Chapter 8: The Happening.

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"Hey. I got to ask you something. What time did she get back last night?"

"Uh a bit past 11:30. Why?"

"Just... wondering. Wake her up will you?"

"I have to ask you something now..."

"What. Don't..."

"You do.. right? It's not me imagining.. right?"

Catharina frowned in her sleep. Who were these people, and why were they talking so damned mysteriously? Couldn't they say what the thing is? God. That girl's voice was so annoying, and yet so calming. Groaning slightly, she turned over in her bed, peeking her eyes at the sunshine. It took her a moment or two for her eyes to adjust to the light, when she saw that the two people who were talking had in fact stopped.

"YOU! What are you doing in here? Go away." Cat exclaimed as she sat up, her voice accusing.

"Morning to you too, Sleeping Beauty." Logan scoffed, heading to the door. "We need to talk." his eyes flashed, as he left the room. Crossing her arms, Catharina turned to Jasmine, who in return turned away as if she wasn't there.

Getting up from her slumber, Cat picked out her clothes. Tossing her pj's into the hamper, she threw Jasmine a death glare. "It's not over." Jasmine piped from behind her mirror, watching gleefully as Cat slinked her way into the showers. Yea, a hot shower would help out all that tense muscle. Or not.

Drying her hair, she was interrupted by a scream. Rushing out, she saw Jasmine on top of her bed, screaming her head off, pointing at something. Heart thumping, Cat approached what she was pointing to, and began laughing. "Catharina what-ever-your-middle-name-is Carmichael. Do not laugh at me. I'm a damsel in distress." Jasmine said crossly, as Cat picked up the tiny hamster.

"Look at this cutie. Wonder why he's in this room." Cat muttered, petting the squirming little rodent in her hand. With a evil grin, she pretended to throw the tiny thing at Jasmine, resulting in another scream. Shaking her head, Cat got out a box, setting their little visitor into it. "Now there Mr. Fluffykuns. Don't move. You'll give poor Jas a heart attack." she petted the rodent's head as she went up to fixing her hair. When she came out, she saw Jasmine curled up into a little ball on her bed, and realized she hadn't moved an inch.

"I'm scared. I get scared. I am scared. So please, get that thing out of the room." she whispered, as Cat walked out with the hamster in the box. Turning the corner, she saw Logan, his face freshly shaved, his outfit crisp.

"Hey there."

"What you got there, girlie?" Logan asked, peering into the box. When he saw the hamster, his nose wrinkled in disgust as he pulled away. "A rat. What in the name of the Lord, are you doing with a rat." Catharina cleared her throat, her eyes stern.

"First off. It's a hamster. Second off, IT now has a name. Mr. Fluffykuns. Address him by that. And Jas was screaming her head off when she saw this poor fella.." Cat cooed, petting the animal.

 "Whatever. Drop the hamster off. We need to go somewhere." Logan said, pulling her by the hand. Surprised, Catharina stumbled, making sure her grip on the hamster wasn't too hard.

"Uhm. Sure. Whatever. Can you let go first?" She asked, her eyebrow arching upward. Blushing softly, Logan let go of her, as he walked through the crowded hall. When they reached the main hall of the hotel, he guided her outside and into a mini golf cart. "Well. Can I know where we're going?"

"No." Hm. Catharina sat in the cart uncomfortably, as they reached a deserted part of the boardwalk. She looked up at Logan as he got out, motioning her to follow.

"You're not going to murder me or something right?" Cat asked nervously, taking his outstretched hand. Logan chuckled, shaking his head as he led her to a little side road off of the boardwalk.

"Greetings, Mr. Hale and Ms. Carmichael.." a voice spoke from next to Cat, scaring her. With a yelp, she was pressed against Logan, who held her up.

"H-hi.. How do you know our names...?" Catharina asked, her brows furrowing. The old man that was in front of them laughed, a bit maniacally, as he grabbed the hamster from Catharina, and made a mad dash. Wide eyed, Catharina ran after him, trying to get him back.

"Hey! Come back!" she yelled, eventually grabbing the hem of the man's shirt. He turned around abruptly, his eyes shining brightly.

"Rain will be your best friend and foe.

The line oh so precious.

Heed all warnings.

All secrets revealed.

Purity in the air.

One mistake, and it disappears.

One true feeling; buried within.

It's the way of the fate." The man whispered softly and slowly, handing Cat the hamster and a piece of paper. With a little humorous smile, the man dashed away again, and was no where to be found.

"Cat... You okay? I mean, even I'm a little freaked." Logan's voice spoke, startling her.

Catharina laughed, shaking her head. "This is ridiculous. Obviously some sort of.. tourist trap." she muttered. "TOUGH LUCK! DIDN'T FOOL US!" she yelled out, crumping the piece of paper, throwing it on the ground. "That was so stupid." she said, crossing her arms. Logan held onto her arm tightly, as rain droplets began falling.

"It's raining, you idiot. Let's go back.." She whined, pulling away from him. Tightly gripping onto her arm, Logan pulled her across the boardwalk. "Where are we going?"

"Just shut up and follow." he sighed. After a moment of silence, Logan stopped, gripping her shoulders tightly.

"Ouch. What.. that hurts!" Cat hissed, trying to get away from his unbreakable hold. He stared down at her, making her feel uncomfortable. "Augh ok. What."


And at that moment. That exact moment, it happened.


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