Damn John.

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This ones a quickie! Hahah...that's what she said...Lauren get your mind out of the gutter!

I seriously need a car wash.

Anyways, umm...where was I? Oh right.

So I get on today, and one of my favorite fan fic authors, someblondesaresmart, read my story and messaged me. I was all 'BLOODY HELL. I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY.' and I proceeded to scream for a little while...Cause I'm just that bomb ass. Wanna know what made me even happier?

MY STORY HAS FUCKING 256 READS. I imagined it having like, 14 reads and 1 vote, and be #810. I don't know, but I'm just beyond happy. You all have no fucking idea.

So thank you so so so so so much!

To prove to me you have read this, who should Avery end up with?

Ever time I try and decide I'm like

'Well, she was best friends with Harry, so she'll end up with him. Plus he's hot as hell.'

Then it's like

'But Zayn is so fucking hot. I am very sexually attracted to that boy.'


'But Niall....Nial Niall Niall Niall Niall. God didn't go wrong with you, did he Nialler? Every time I hear your angelic Irish voice I get pregnant.'


'But Louis is so hot and I love him and every time he sings and talks and even so much as breathes it's like I'm having sex.'


'Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. Liam. I love you. You're so fucking hot. Please serenade me while I piss my pants at our close proximity seeing as right after you sing the first note I will jump on your back and rape you.'

Liam....Louis....Harry...Niall....or Zayn?

You'll all see why in a moment...MUHAHAHAHAH!

*2 Months Later*

"You just now decided to tell me? You couldn't tell me sooner? You don't tell me the day before you fucking leave Zayn!" I screamed at him, arms flailing everywhere. Sure, we've gotten into fights before. What couples haven't? But we've never gotten into fights this big.

"Don't you get that I couldn't fucking tell you sooner! I was going to see if you could come with us, but management said no!" Zayn yelled back. I'm pretty sure you could hear us next door at Harry's. Just swell. Super. Fantastic.


"God dammit Zayn! When you first asked me out you should have told me you were going on tour! You don't understand how pissed I am. If you couldn't tell me this, what makes me think you could tell me something bigger than this?" I seethed, jabbing a finger into his chest.

He looked at me, anger welling up in his eyes, but toning down a little when I said the last sentence. He looked at me with his beautiful golden eyes.

"Avery, you're overreacting. Please, don't do this to me. To us. I love you." Zayn pleaded, taking my small hand in his. My entire body was frozen in shock.

He loved me? He loved me? Zayn Jawaad Malik loved me? I definately heard him wrong. Definately definately definately.

I shook my head, attempting to clear all of my thoughts. Zayn doesn't love me. Zayn's a liar. Zayn wouldn't tell me he was going on tour. I can't trust him.

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