Chapter 7: New Student Representative?! Goblins?!?!?!

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***Rin’s POV***

(Waiting for Hideous Pink Limo)

“Ah! What a beautiful day! Perfect for a new beginning!” the Mephisto guy said loudly as he stood proudly. I saw Kokoro twitch in embarrassment. Her uniform skirt short enough to show most of her legs as she attempted to pull it down to cover up.

“Why? Why me?” she was asking herself. I frowned.

“Hey… can I really trust you? You’re dressed like a clown…” I muttered to Mephisto, looking into the street only to get hit by a pink limo. “Whoa! That was close!’ I shouted. “That’s a cool car…” I mumbled. Kokoro snapped.

“Cool?! It’s hideous! How in the world is a pink limo cool?! It’s a terrible color!” she shouted her face turning pink. I had to smirk.

“You’re turning colors, Kokoro-Chan…” I said. She gasped and brought her hands to her face in wonder.

“I can turn colors too!” she yelled happily, bouncing up and down punching the air.

“I’m leaving Rin in your hands, Mr. Faust.” A priest said, bowing to Mephisto.

“I’ll take care of him. And donate to the Monastery.” The man replied. I tilted my head confused and turned back to Kokoro.

“I thought his name was Mephisto…” I said. She sighed.

“That is his name. But under a different name, Johann Faust the Fifth, he’s the President of True Cross Academy.” She explained, hopping onto the car and dangling her legs off the side.

“Good morning!” I heard from behind me. I turned in that direction to see Yukio coming up.

“Yukio?!” I asked in surprise.

“Sorry I’m late. What a surprise! I didn’t know you were our new guardian, Mr. President. But Father Fujimoto did plan for everything. And now Rin’s going to be going to the same school!” Yukio said happily. Kokoro gasped.

“Really~?! Yay! Rin we might even have some classes together! Most of mine are already with Yukio as I found out earlier.” she said swinging her feet slightly.

But! Whhiieeaahh!” I growled, grabbing Mephisto’s collar. “I said I’d join your order! Not go to school!” I hissed. Kokoro chuckled from behind me, while Yukio looked confused.

“Shhh! Someone will hear.” Mephisto replied snickering.

“If you want to become an exorcist…. First you have to study.” Kokoro whispered, coming up from behind me, making me jump in shock.

“It’s a boarding school. Once you enter, you may not leave without permission. You will not return to the monastery for some time. Have you said goodbye to the home you were raised?” Mephisto asked as the limo roared to life. Kokoro entered the car first as Yukio opened the door, leaving me and Mephisto outside.

‘The place where my brother and I have lived for fifteen years… I’ve hardly spoken to Yukio since the funeral and he’s hardly spoke to me. Kokoro doesn’t really seem to care…’ I thought as I looked over to see the female demon sleeping with her head on Yukio’s shoulder. ‘Even he didn’t seem to care! And what’s with that weird frog thing in her lap?! Can Yukio even see it?!’ I screamed in my head.

“…” the silence was heavy… even with Mephisto’s whistling.

‘How could I ever explain Father Fujimoto’s death and who I am? Argh! I’d never find the right words!’ Finally, Yukio broken the silence, putting his book down and turning his head towards me.

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