Chapter 1: Breaking Boundaries (Part 1)

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Chapter 1

I only heared the the sound of my heavy panting breath and the crunching of twigs and leaves my bare feet were making. I was in the forest running from him.

It's so cold, I thought, goosebumps rising everywhere on my body as the freezing air harshly caressed my pale skin. I felt as if all my toes and fingers gotten frostbite. My sore throat was burning from inhaling too much of the icy air. My lungs felt as if they were going to collapse any second now. I don't think I can go on much further. My legs were aching painfully due to their continous excessive movement.

Run! Don't stop!

My father's strong voice demanded. The memory of his voice interrupting my almost attempt of resting for a few minutes. I kept repeating my father's last words in my mind, mentally urging my body to keep on going.

If I was wearing appropiate winter clothing instead of my thin, ivory nightgown I might've enjoyed the scenery before me. The numerous tress in the dark forest were covered in soft, white snow. Every few minutes the abundant frozen branches would leave an opening up above. Letting the full moon's glow guide me as my lantern as I ran from my predator.

Suddenly, I heard the man's laughter right behind me. Fuck, he caught up to me. Screaming petrifyingly of shock and fear as I turned around swiftly bracing myself for attack. But nothing was there.

He was here. I felt it. I began to frantically turn myself in circles. Waiting for him to pop out behind one of the thick trees.

I was only a mile away from a busy road. I could probably kick him where the sun doesn't shine or punch his nose and make a quick getaway.

Unaware of what was going behind me I heard a twig snap in the quiet night.

That wasn't me. Relax. That could've been a squirrel. It's okay. Just a harmless animal. Turn around and you'll see. I slowly turned around with my eyes closed. The suspense was making my heart jump aginst my chest furiously. I slowly opened my eyes and relaxed my stiff body. Letting out a soft breath. Just realizing, I was holding my breath.

Paranoid dumbass. I let out a small giggle. No way he could've catched up. I wasn't Lanston's Middle School's track star for nothing.

All of a sudden I felt a hot breath behind my left ear and a cool, sharp obect press against the base of my throat. An involuntary shiver of fear ran down my spine as he wrapped an arm around my waist. My body didn't feel cold anymore, it felt numb. My heart began to race faster than the suspense a few seconds earlier. Perspiration began to slowly form on my forehead.

"Boo." His hot breathe whispered by my ear, pressing his nose against my neck.

"Wake up." A familair cold voice hissed loudly, removing my warm blanket.

"Mom?" I squinted above me, still feeling disoriented, my eyes adjusting to the bright light.

"Where's my navy blue suit?" She asked sternly, tapping her foot impatiently on my wooden floor.

It was the same horrid memory that I kept on reliving for over almost two years now. Why does it keep on haunting me every time I'm asleep? When will it stop already? I've had enough of the sleepless nights already. I should run by the pharmacy after school today and buy me a stronger sleeping medicine. It seems like I was getting used to the one I bought a couple months ago . . .

"Well? Where is it?" She asked with cold eyes, crossing her arms on top of her chest still tapping the floor.

"I hanged it up in the hallway closet." I said quietly, averting my gaze from her eyes.

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