Chapter 2

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                                                                      CHAPTER  2

A grey tom wandered around a forest land. He had been traveling for two days since his incident with the tribe. He opened his mouth, his tongue hung and he began to breath hard. "I'm so thirsty," he said. He padded around the forest, looking for a source of water to satisfy is harsh thirst. The warm green leaf grass rubbed against his pads, soothing them. He sighed in relief at the feeling. After his time in the mountains, his pads had been cut and scarred up from the little jagged rocks that poke from the ground.

The grey tom raised his nose in the air, and opened up his nostrils to scent. Pines, dirt, and...water! He began to run towards the scent. With every paw step, the smell of water came closer, and closer, until he finally stumbled right into a little river. He quickly pushed himself to the surface with his paws, and grabbed hold of the banks, which he then dragged himself up.

"What is that thing?" he asked himself. He watched as every so often a monster crawled across the top of a platform with rock slabs, that was placed over a tunnel where the river streamed through. The tom rested and sighed, as he heard the sounds of the stream, and the birds chirping and singing in the trees. "Maybe I could just refuge here" The grey tom darted up once he heard paws trotting the ground.

He hid himself behind a small green fern grown from the side of the stone slabs, and he watched as a group of cats came down to the river banks. What are they doing? He thought. He proceeded to watch the group of cats stick their paws in the river, and swipe constantly. "!" he thought. He licked his lips as he watched them pull out plump fishes from the crystal clear stream. The sun's reflection rested in the midst of all of this. "Maybe their loners, too." The grey tom then pulled himself out of the fern to greet them.

One of the cats across the bank shot it's head up and stared right at the tom. "Who are you, and what are you doing on our territory?" the she-cat growled.  More territory stuff? The grey tom cried. "Hey," the she-cat yelled again, "what are you doing here on our territory?"

"I'm just trying to get a drink of water..." he replied. The other cats were looking now, pelt fur raised up, and snarling, ready for an attack. The she-cat leaped on a stone and hissed. 

"You don't drink from our water! This river belongs to River Clan!" she growled. "I-I'm sorry," the grey tom replied, gulping, his pelt heating up again. The she-cat jumped on another stone, drawing the tom closer to her. "Apology not accepted!" she leaped forward hissing, claws unsheathed, and a group of cats right behind her.

The grey tom turned, jumped up, and dashed off. The group of cats who had been fishing were right behind, but they stopped as soon as the tom passed a group of weeds in the bank of a lake. He hadn't notice, but he kept running until he reached a stream that ran into a huge lake. "Water!" he exclaimed. He sunk his face in and lapped it up in his mouth. Two cats stood watching a few fox lengths away on top a hill. "Is that that Dragonpaw from Thunderclan?" a cat that was all white with a black spot on her eye, asked. "I think so, guess we can't do anything. He's obeying the lake and clan length rule, but why would he chose near our territory to drink?" the other cat shook her head.

The grey tom pulled his face out of the lake, and sighed. "That was a gift!" the tom praised, looking at the beautiful sky. He looked to his left, to see a luscious forest flowing with life. "Yes, some shelter from those crazy cats around her!" He dashed off towards the woods.

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