Chapter One

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Copper ringlets swirled around her head as the wind brought them in every direction. Hadley Rivers stared out into her front yard, looking at the forest across from her house. It still amazed her how the forest laid untouched right across from them; it actually led into her backyard and the surrounding yards around them. She still wasn’t used to the unpredictable weather in Forks, Washington, her new home. She could hear her mother rustling in the kitchen, trying to get her little brother Felix ready for school. Sitting down on the porch swing, Hadley listened to the sounds she was so used to mix in with the new sounds of a new town.

            “Hadley? Honey, where are you?” Her mother Carol stuck her head out on the porch and sighed at her eldest child. Hadley was so reserved for a seventeen year old, so smart yet so alone. She hoped that the move would help her daughter bring herself out of her shell, but so far that was only hopeful wishing. Hadley looked up at her mother, waiting for a command to come out any minute.

            “Are you ready for your first day? I know things aren’t exactly how we planned, but I don’t want you to be late. Do you know how to get there? Did you get the right directions? What about for Felix’s school? Did you find it alright online?” Like any mother, Carol was going into over drive trying to make sure that her children’s first day of school went smoothly. Hadley just rolled her eyes, already used the eccentrics of her mother.

            “Yes mother. I looked up the directions to both schools. I know where I’m going; I mean it’s a small town. I know I’ve gone too far when I hit actual civilization.” She smirked at herself with her dry humor and got up to make her way towards her jeep. Carol stared after her sighing, she wished that her daughter would lighten up a little bit, at least long enough to make friends. Carol walked back inside and rushed Felix after his sister, who was almost backing out of the driveway. Once the jeep was out of sight she went back inside and got herself ready for her first day as a nurse in Forks.




The ride to Felix’s elementary school was quiet except for the sound of rock music blaring from the radio, just the way Hadley liked it. She could tell that he was nervous, just like her. It wasn’t going to be easy being the new kids on the block, especially since school started two months ago. It was already the end of November, heading into December and getting settled into a new school wasn’t going to be easy.

“Are you nervous Ley?” Felix’s small voice interrupted her thoughts. She glanced at him and saw that he was nervously clutching his backpack to his chest and almost trembling. She reached over and patted his arm lightly.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about, ok Lex? Everything is going to be different here buddy, there’s nothing to be scared about.” Felix seemed to relax after that, feeling a little bit better. His fists unclenched the backpack and he settled more comfortably in the front seat. Hadley saw the change and was relieved. There really was no reason for him to be nervous, she thought, things were going to be different here.

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