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~*~ Jessica's Point Of View ~*~

"Well?" Mother asked me.

"Well what?!" I snapped.

"Young lady, if you start with the attitude, we will leave. You will explain wether you like it or not." My father said sternly.

All that I was recieving from Mr. and Mrs. Lee were stone hard glares.

"Well..." I trailed off.

All eyes were on me.

"Well, I guess..."

I could always lie...


"I got mad at lunch and yelled at Emily, so Crystal stood up for her, then Taylor stood up for her, then yeah..."


~*~ Crystal's Point Of View ~*~

We stormed upstairs, clearly we were pissed the fuck off.

"Taylor?" Emily said.

"Oh hey!" Taylor smiled, looking up from my laptop screen. Ha! She knew my password. It had to do with one of the boys...

"Haha, you both need to stay the night. We are in desperate need of a girls night."

"Mmmmmmmmmkay." Taylor said, her attention returning to the laptop. Probably facebook.

"Alright." Emily said.

"Should I invite Leo and Amber too?" I questioned.

"Sure." They said.

Cody had been sitting in the corner, quietly.

While Emily and Taylor were gushing over something on facebook and inviting over Leo and Amber for me, I decided to talk to him.

"Hey." I smiled, sitting on the floor next to him.


"So, you don't like Jessica, huh?"

"She called you a bitch! Of course I don't."

"Gaahhh, that's the little overprotective hormone crazily strong brother I know."

"Heyyyy! Mom said you couldn't talk about that!"

"Aww, hush little one."

"I will cut you." He said in a fake scary tone.

"Come at me bro!"

And thats when he tackled me to the floor, making a huge crashing noise. Then Emily and Taylor joined in. We were all laughing and having fun when the door flew open. There stood my parents, Jessicaas parents, and Jessica.

We were all wrapped together, seeing as how we were wrestling, and it looked kind of funny. "Oh heeeeyyyy, momm...." I said.

Trying to stifle her laughter, she said, "Helllllo."

"So, uh, can some friends stay the night?"


"Taylor, Emily, Amber," I smirked at Jessica. "And Leo."

"Leo's a boy?"

"He's gay mom, don't worry."

"Oh okay."

"Amber's staying the night at my house!" Jessica shouted, and then her phone started ringing. It was Amber.

"Hello? Oh hey Amber! Yeah, were hanging out still right? Other plans? Huh? Oh... okay. Another time then. Yeah, its totally fine! I get it. Yeah, bye." And she hung up. Looks like Amber chose us. With a defeated sigh, Jessica said, "I'll be in the car." Then they all left.



I screamed, hugging Taylor and Cody. We were watching The Grudge, also known as the scariest movie of all time. "Ahhhhhh....." (You'll understand if you seen the movie D:) "AHHHHH! NOOOOO! GET OUT OF THE BED YOU STUPID BLONDE!" I was screaming. My parents had went to a hotel for the night. Leo was laughing his ass off the enite time but it was not funny. At all.

We pulled an all nighter, afraid to sleep. You can blame the movies, The Grudge, Woman In Black, and Paranormal Activty 1, 2, and 3. My parents got home around noon, and we were all wide-eyed, under the blankets in the den hugging each other out of pure fear that the Woman In Black or The Grudge would be coming through the door.

I was afraid, you could say.

That day we wall went to the mall to get new outfits for the concert.

I got an orange sleeveless top that hooked up behind my neck that had an "I LOVE HARRY" sign on it, and yes, I CLAIM HARRY, white cut off short shorts that also said I love Harry, on the butt. Winkwink. Then I got flip flops with half a wink face on each. Put together, it'd be a whole wink face!

I dont know what the girls or Leo got, but I would find out.

Soon enough, came the day of the concert.


Holy shit, lmfao. I just realzied I haven't even gotten into the whole one direction part yet. Well, within the next 3 parts, thats what will be happening, lol.

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