part 8

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Part 8

(Val’s P.O.V.)

Leslie and Jennifer’s hotel wasn’t too far from our apartment. It was only a few blocks away so I decided to walk. Before going into the hotel I stopped at Starbucks to get my usual, a decaf caramel macchiato with extra caramel and no whip. There was not line like usually so I left early for nothing. I grabbed my drink and left.

    I walked up to the hotel room door. I stared at the door awhile before mustering up the courage to knock. “Coming!” I think I heard Leslie shout and the door knob turned. The door opened and Leslie stood there with a scared yet confused look on her face. “Oh, are you here to punch me again because I can-““Leslie, I’m not here to punch you, I, I I’m here to well, apologize.” She looked at me with a dumbfounded. She scoffed, “Well go on then.” “Um, ok. Leslie, I’m sorry for punching you in the face but I hope you realize you were still out of line. I didn’t want to punch you; it’s just that you got me so aggravated I just couldn’t take it anymore. Uh, well yea so I’m sorry for punching you and acting like a total jealous bitch.” “Wow, you call that and apology? That su- wait, did you get me coffee?!” she said pointing at my Starbucks cup. “Uh, yea!” I said handing the coffee over to her. She took a sip then smiled. “How did you know? Decaf caramel macchiato with extra caramel and no whip is my favorite!” “Uh, lucky guess?” “Ok. I guess I can forgive you.” “Really? Ok I guess I will see you later than…” “Ok!” she said all peppy.  She was about to close the door when Jen showed up at her side. “Oh, hi Val,” “Hi” I said back. Leslie went back to into the room while Jen and I watched her go. “So,” I said awkwardly. “I’m sorry, about her,” “What?” “Leslie, she’s bipolar, like to the extreme. She can change faster than you can flick a light switch. I don’t blame you for punching her. Sometimes I want to smack her too.” “Really? Does Liam know about this?” Yeah, I told him last night after you left. Have you two talked since then?” “Not yet.” “Ok, you better go then.” “Ok thanks Jen,” “Bye” she said. I left the hallway and got into the lift. Who would have thought? It made so much sense though. The way Leslie mood changed so quickly when she saw the coffee. If Liam knew this why was he still so mad? I needed time to think this all threw so I went back to Starbucks grabbed another coffee and headed for the bookstore. I loved bookstores. They are the perfect place to relax, think and to just enjoy you. I must have stayed in there for hours because when I checked my phone it was 5:30. I paid for the books I found and headed back home. Liam was probably looking for me. But then again, he probably wasn’t.


Authorsnote: HEY sorry for not updating in a while!!! i have been at my moms house and didnt have my Laptop:( But here it is and its short sorry:( I hope you guys like it! Keep reading!!!! bye

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