Chapter 10

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I ran outside the hospital, tears streaming down my face. I can't believe my mother's dead, and now I'm all alone. I kept running, ignoring Niall's fading pleas for me to stop. I turned the corner and kept on running. I don't know how long I was running for, but I found myself standing in a park, one with a huge lake in it. I looked around, and nobody was there, well, DUH Kayla! It's late!

I scurried down to the lake, and my foot slipped on the soggy earth, and I fell into the icy cold water. I tried to swim to the surface, but, honestly, I had NO idea where the surface was! I flailed my arms randomly, but I began sinking, and my eyes began to close...


My eyes widened as Kayla landed in the lake, and I began running when she didn't surface. Don't die, please don't die! I ran to the lake, and dived in, My eyes burned as I forced them open, searching the murky waters to find her. I felt something brush against my fingers, and I began to swim down as Kayla's jacket slipped through my fingers. I stretched a bit further, and felt the fabric in my hand. I quickly grabbed it and pulled, struggling to lift Kayla out of the depths and into safety. I wrapped my arm around her waist, and kicked with all my might to break the surface.

I kicked a final time, and I felt the water sink below my neck, and I took a deep breath as I swam to shore, towing the unconscious Kayla with me. We reached the edge of the lake, and I pulled her up onto the ground. Her face was blue, and she wasn't breathing. Oh God. I pressed my hand against her neck, and froze when I didn't feel a heartbeat. God, please, don't die. I parted her pale lips, and began to commence CPR.  I breathed out, and watched her chest rise in response, I did it again, before placing my hands over her chest and pressing down on her heart.

Don't die,



Thump. What?

Thump. Could it be?

Thump. She's alive?

Thump.  She's alive! I heard Kayla cough, and smiled as her eyes fluttered open. "L-L-Luke? What are you doing here?", She whispered, and I smiled even wider as I pulled her into a hug.

"Never do that again."


"You almost died, Kayla. Please, never again.", I felt her press against my chest, and I flushed red.

"I promise to never do that again.", She buried her face in my shirt, and I smiled to myself. The wind blew, and I felt her shiver.

"Oh God, you'll freeze to death, come on, I'll take you to my place.", I helped her stand, but her legs were weak, and I caught her as she fell.

"I'm so helpless.", She whispered as I carried her to my car and helped her in.

"I like you like that.", I whispered in her ear, and my voice had a husky tone that made her shiver.



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