Chapter Seven. <3

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Chapter Seven. (:

"EWW! PDA, PDA!", shouted Louis.

"What the heck Louis?', said Niall with an annoed tone, "We wasn't even doing anything!"

I just giggled and slowly raised myself off of Niall.

Louis scooped me up in his strong arms and I just laid there, looking up into his big eyes. He then carried me into the kitchen, sitting me down on the countertop.

It was not 12 o'clock, three hours since me and Niall had first got up.

"I already tried getting her to eat and she wouldn't", said Niall.

Louis raised an eyebrow at me curiously and I just smirked at him.

"You have to eat.", Louis said matter-of-factually.

I just sighed as he poured me a bowl of cereal. As I sit down to eat I started to feel guilty. Was I becoming anorexic again??

In eigth grade I weighed around 160 but I had alot of muscle.

In 10th grade I weighed around 100.

Now I  weigh a "healthy' 120 but I STILL don't think I'm little enough.

I was once again snapped out of my thoughts by Louis pushing the bowl over to me.

The bowl was pushed to hard and slid off the table, spilling all over me.

I quickly got up. "Louis!!", I whined, "Niall can I please borrow some clothes?"

Niall shook his head and began walking toward the steps, grabbing my hand in the process. 

"Sorry.", said Louis suspiciously.

I hugged him gesturing that it was alright then grabbed my bag and Niall's hand and headed up the steps.

Author's Note: TWO CHAPTERS IN ONE NIGHT?? I'M CRAY, CRAY. LOLOL. Anyways!! How has everyones' day been?? So, I am auditioning for homecoming princess at my high school. AS IF I'LL WIN. K THANKS BAII, VULTURES! -Holly. xxx

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