♫ Hating But Loving One Direction [HBL1D]♫

Chapter 11- Best to Forget

-Anna's P.O.V-

“Stop! Louis! Stop!” I scream, kicking his abs. Laughing uncontrollably, I try to get him to stop tickling me.

And then he reach my most ticklish spot, making me scream in horror. My stomach hurts from laughing and my mouth starts to barf out air instead of laughter since my neck feels so ...tickle.

“Stop...” I moan, my body weak and limp from being tickle nonstop, one part of my body to the next. Boobear is that evil.

Seeing my pale face, Boobear let me go while the other boys laugh at my pouting face.

Judging by his scare face, he must know that letting me go is a mistake. This girl doesn't let people tickle her without a price.

“You-carrot-loving-tickle-monster! I scream at him, before lunging myself at him like a tiger and tickling his beloved abdomen.

I cackle wickedly, totally enjoying this.

Zayn and Niall join me, Niall tickling his ears and Zayn tickling his feet, while Liam and Harry stay behind to watch the show.

By now, Louis is coughing out laughter like a maniac and begging me to stop. “I'll give you my stash of carrots if you stop!” Boobear bribe me, thinking I would want his carrots.

“Oh yeah? I'll you tickles in return!” I giggle, tickling him harder.

Just when I thought I was winning, Zayn betray me by picking me up and throwing me over his broad shoulders.

“Zayn! This is not fair!” I pout behind his back, although he couldn't see me.

However, I didn't mind since I got a pretty nice view of his fine ass.

“Like my ass, Bells?” He joke confidently, using my nickname. How does he know what I'm thinking? I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he has a fine ass, so I said “Oh please, I have more ass than you.” I lie and roll my eyes, not wanting to feed his ego. He's already self-center enough. After a week of knowing him, I've learned that he spends more time getting ready than I do. Two hours more than me to be exact. That boy and his hair.

Deep in thought, I didn't realize that he had set me down on my bed.

Not knowing what to do, we just stare at each other. I search my mind for a fun activity.

“Ou!” I gasp out loud, coming up with an idea. “Let's watch a movie!” I yell excitedly, grabbing the TV remote and turning on Netflix, a program that the boy introduced me to that lets you play instant movies. Such programs didn't exist in my childhood.

Speaking of updating me of the year 2012, the boys taught me British slang, like “tidy”, a word to describe a beautiful women. I remember blushing when they called me that. They all are big flirts, but Harry is the biggest one.

I'm still skeptical of Harry, he's too...flirty.

Zayn jump into bed with me after putting on Breakfast at Tiffany's, my favorite movie of all time.

“Aw! You know me so well!” I gush at him, making his cheeks redden.

Oh, did I mention? He is so cute when he blush!

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