(9) Let's Be Friends !

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Hello again Readers ! ang himbing ng tulog koH, Hehe ^^ pero mai problem pa rin ako, it looks like my puppy is sick and gonna *** Nooooo!!! i dont want that t o Happen! Huhu T.T

Anyway, Heres for today's Update !!!


A Beautiful and Lovely morning have began for The last day of their trip, and they have all gathered again to go to Mt. Fuji's holy place, they have pray there for thanking the gods for their safety and for the wonderful days, they have gathered to a big public hot spring,

and all boys were separated from girls, and so, when the girls and boys entered the bath, they have taken their time to relax through the relaxing hot water, this is perfect for their tired bodies, and also for the teachers.

Jennifer relaxed into the bath like it will be so good to try, she tried to look at Julia but she dont want to be bothered anymore, and while Jason & Jennifer relaxed at the bath, they have fantasize of what's going to happen when their in Onii-tama's Amusement park,

they were thinking of how they will enjoy it. and make it feel like it will last forever and while they were thinking, they have both thinked of Julia, of how was Julia doing and have she finally given up.

and since they were busy thinking, they were left alone in in the bath, but they still make it it and before they left the bath, they have took pictures while wearing yukata's and good thing Jason & Jennifer got still make it to picture taking, and after they have taken pictures,

they Have gone back to their place and have a meal together and sleep early so they could wake up early for tomorrow, and when they have sleep, Jennifer Realized she need to have a talk with Julia, she tought of it for tomorrow before they leave,

Jason woked up and whispers to himself, " This is it, the end of our trip, a brand new day! "

and going back to Julia and Jennifer, they Have already started the talk, Then Julia says, " so what do you want to talk about? " 

then Jennifer answered, " ahh, can we clear things, are you giving up on Jason? "

and Julia says, " Yeah, cause you two are really inlove with each other, and i cant do anything anymore with that, and I guess i wish you two the best, and you've got anymore questions? "

Jennifer quickly hugged Julia and says, " Ahhh, Thats so nice of You Julia, i wish you'll find yours too and dont be hard on him, ok? "

Then Julia stop Jennifer and said, " EWE, QUIT HUGGING ME! STAY AWAY FROM ME! "

Jennifer Kindly replied, " Oh, dont be shy Julia, thats a cute impression on you " ^^

Julia kindly smirk's and say, " Tsk, anyway Jennifer, can you tell Jason that im sorry for what Happen and what i have done in the past "

Jennifer saw Jason Coming and she said, " Then i Guess were Friends, ^^ and about the past, go tell Jason Yourself! Hehe "

then Julia said, " Huh? what do you mean? "

Jason quickly answer, " Tell me what Julia? "

Julia was shocked, " ahh, Jason! well, its about, uhmm, can we talk somewhere else? "

Then Jason says, " Sure "

Then Julia & Jason talk somewhere else and then Julia started to talk, " Jason, im really sorry about the past, i think i just want to get an attention from you, so will you forgive me? "

Jason said, " Of course I forgive you Julia, and also, i dont think you Just want an attention from me"

Julia asked, " what do you mean? "

Jason answered, " I mean, uhh, no offense Julia! its Just, I think you were lonely before, your Just a Girl who's so misserable from your Parents, your parents was so busy that they cant have family time with you, and i think, all you want is an attention from your parents, and also you want is a Good friend that you can rely on, anyways, i'll see you later then! "

Then Jason left and Julia says to herself, "A friend Huh? maybe I do want one."

and so they Have set to leave adn they were all sent home.


thats it for today mah' buddiz ^^ see you next time! Ingat kayong lahat ^^

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