"Utopia is our domain away from the humans and the evils of their world. Yes our planet does orbit around Earth, but that does not mean that our people must orbit around the behaviors of Mankind!" The announcer said slamming his fist onto the podeum infront of him. "Many of you may have lived on Earth for quite a while, but you are at that age now. We can not allow for our traditions and culture to be ripped away by the influences that you have on Earth. That is why it is time for all of you to attend this school. To once again return to Utopia!" He yelled fiercly. "Utopia is not what the Earthlings make it out to be. This is not a place of nothing but peace. We do have our own problems, our own criminals, but that does not mean that we can just give up on our world, we have to solve our own problems instead of just running away from them!" He shouted. "You are the next generation, the future us. You are the ones that have to take action and do somthing to change out world!" He said, his voice full of emotion.

The crowd slowly begain to clap and the announcer cleared his throut and straightened his tie. "And finally, I am glad to announce that this year Princess Avery will be joining us." He said and a petite browned haired, brown eyed girl walked onto the stage and over to the podeum. The man stepped back and sat in a row of chairs with the other facualty of the school.

"Hi everyone. I am glad to be able to attend this school with all of you. I know that you all would wish to treat be differently because of my social standing and bloodline but don't. I am here to attend this school just like the rest of you, to make friends and wounderful memories. I hope that many of you will be able to make those memories with me." She said and with one final smile she stepped down from the stage and sat in the front row of the clapping audience.

"Thank you Princess." The man from earlier said. "I look forward to being the principle of Utopia, the finest acadamy that our world, Utopia, has to offer."

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