Chapter 1

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'Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we will soon be coming in for landing. Thank you'

As the message came over the loudspeaker, I wriggled in my seat in excitement.

 'Taylor Taylor Taylor! Did you hear him!?! WE'RE LANDING!!!!'

My friend Taylor laughed. 'Yeah, I heard him. We're in London!'

We had been saving up for almost 3 years to go to London to meet danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, two youtubers that we were both obsessed with. Finally, we had enough money and our parents permission. We were meeting another friend there, who was flying in from Portsmouth (in England) to meet us the next day.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, the seatbelt sign has been turned off, you are now free to leave the plane and collect your baggage. Thank you for flying with QANTAS Airlines.'

As we made our way across the tarmac, I looked around me to try and see my first glimpse of England. However, the airport was so big I couldn’t see outside it. I hoped that London would look like everyone imagined it - full of buses and phone booths. I was shaken out of my day dream by Taylor grabbing my arm to stop me from walking into a pole.

'Daydreaming again?' she asked, smirking.

I laughed.  'You know me too well, Tay.'

'Well, save it for when you're NOT going to walk into something, okay?'

I sighed dramatically. 'Do I HAVE to?' I complained.

'YES! I'm not your babysitter, you have to look after yourself. No more daydreaming.' Taylor said, smiling at me.

'Fine.' I laughed at her. She looked so funny when she was trying to be serious.  As we walked up to the baggage collection, I tripped over my own feet and grabbed on to her to keep myself from falling.

Taylor stared at me in shock for a second, and then burst out laughing.

'Wha- what happ-' she spluttered, unable to speak for laughter.

'It's not funny!' I complained, spotting my blue suitcase on the baggage carousel and stepping forward to grab it.

'Whoops! I'm so sorry - I wasn’t looking!' Looking over my shoulder at Taylor, I had accidentally walked straight into a man who was standing  waiting to get his suitcase.

'Oh, its no problem' he said 'Are you okay?'

'Yes, I'm fine, thanks, are you?'

'Perfect. No problems at all'

'Oh, that’s good.' I said, smiling at the man. 'Sorry again.' Taylor and I walked off to the taxi rank, me rummaging around in my bag for the address of the hotel we were staying at.

                                                       *        *        *

As the taxi pulled up to the front door of the hotel, a police car went by us, sirens blaring, driving up onto the curb to get past a red double decker bus. Busy shoppers were everywhere, mixed in with businessmen going into old buildings and red phoneboxes.  London was everything I had imagined it would be. Checking into the hotel, which was an enormous old building, complete with gargoyles, the locals were giving me funny looks, as I could not seem to keep my excitement off my face. Our room was quite small, but clean and beautifully decorated, with pictures of famous London landmarks on the walls. The room was dominated by two double beds with blue covers, with a small kitchen and living area at one end and a bathroom with a spa bath behind another door. As soon as the door had closed behind us, I squealed and dropped my bags, running to the window to see the view, before thoroughly exploring every corner of the hotel room. Taylor was doing her own exploration at the same time. Having gone around the whole room, I flopped onto the bed, but jumped up again and began bouncing on it almost straight away, unable to calm down.

'Bags this bed!'

Taylor laughed at me, then climbed onto her bed and began jumping too, squealing when she almost fell off. I flopped down to lie on the bed, exhausted, and rolled to face Taylor.

'Should I make brownies?' I offered. Brownies were about the only thing I actually knew how to cook, as I was obsessed with them, and not to brag or anything but I could make pretty good ones.

'Nah. Let's go shopping!' Taylor replied, bouncing up off her bed without waiting for an answer. We both ran around, grabbing the things we needed.

'Hey, um, actually.. I think I'm going to take a shower. I kinda feel gross after being on a plane for days.' I said, already walking toward the bathroom.

'Yeah, I agree. I'll have one after you.' replied Taylor. I grabbed  my toiletries out of my suitcase and shut the bathroom door.

After my shower, I put on skinny jeans, a plain t-shirt and a bit of makeup, and walked out to the bedroom.

'Shower's free!' I called to Taylor, who was out on the balcony, before sitting down to put my shoes on.

As soon as she was ready, we locked up the room and took the elevator down to the lobby, ready to hit the city!

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