Chapter 2

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6 months prior to the phone call.

As i woke up for my first day of grade 11, i groaned..its not that i didnt like school or anything. Whats there not to like... Haha. Kidding, but i had a group of friends that ive had since i was a child, and my grades were steady, and it was really easy for me to talk to guys unlike some of my friends. So why did i feel so gross this morning? I had a weird bubbly feeling in my stomach. Just nerves, i always got really nervous, so i did what i always did when i got this way. "ALEX!" i yelled.

As my sister walked slowly into my room, rolling her eyes, i knowticed how perfect she looked. She had leggings on with a white crochet tank top that was semi see-thru, her hair was wavy, probably cause she put it in a braid before bed last night."What Taylor?!?!?" she said angrily, then noticed the look on my face "oh hun, nervous again? Its okay, everything is going to be perfect. Your worrying to much.Ill go make your favourite chocolate pancakes.. Meet me back downstairs in 15." "thanks" i said.

I smiled, i knew i could always count on my sister to make me feel better. Since i was younger, she was always there, in a way my mom couldnt be, alex has always been the best sister possible.

This morning, when she said chocolate pancakes that definetly got me out of bed faster. So i got dressed, i decided on black legging with a light blue tie dyed tank top. Straightened my already straight hair, applied mascara and blush and headed downstairs.

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