everything happens for a reason

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The story begins when i was born. Thank God i was born with all my organs, all of which are working just fine except one ... my heart.

The doctors were shocked and never have they seen that before. Not one single beat they could have recorded on their sophisticated machines yet i was alive like any normal new born.

I remember i waited 3 years, 1 month, and 9 days until i felt the first beat of my heart... It was the day she was born... It was the day i was born again.

At first instance, i didn't know the nature of this feeling neither its source but i sensed that my heart was always driving me somewhere and i couldn't but trust him.

She always says that everything happens for a reason. And there's a reason why i am saying that.

So here's what happened.

My father is from the north while my mother is from the south. Her parents also come from oppositely directed origins. Our parents got enrolled in the same party and fought for their country together. Their wedding ceremonials were very similar because of the party's appearance and then they became neighbors. I mean what are the odds? ok let me stick to what happened;)

Then the war was over but our journey has hust begun.

we went to the same school. i still remember her coming back from school with her mom in their black bmw while my family came back with every old renault we could afford... and yet never our families have thought that this could be a barrier to friendship.

We shared a lot of memories without having previously intented to. we look now at old photos and we are just amazed that we appear in the same frame. i think at that era i still haven't talked to her yet because i was veeeeeery shy yet i was always there . forgive the eeee but that was what kept me from talking to her.

for more than seven years i only admired her. never had i tried to speak with her because i didn't know what to say.

i watched her grow and i had feelings for her and i was aware that i was in love with her. but what can i do???? i mean i didn't have the ability to show her!!!.

so i waited, and waited,and waited,and waited again...

At 15, i started giving private lessons. Time by time, my reputation of being a good teacher spread around. Although it sounds nerdy, that gave me something to talk about. So i started my silly 'hi' and for the few times we talked i only asked her about school and offered help when needed. she probably didn't need but i think i insisted. Of course no need to mention how nerdy ane stickybshebthought i am.

it wasn't until i was 17 that she finally admitted she's not good at math and i thank God for that. Forgive me for being happy about that but it happened for a reason;)

so i started teaching her math and she succeeded. by the way she still uses her fingers to add numbers and she looks so cute doing it that i don't want her to get any better. it is not a big deal now i will always be next to her to do the math. she already has a massive work of doing the magic.

anyway, during this period i heard all the stories about the guys she liked at school and never had i told her yet that i love her. oh did i mention that she didn't even like me.it was me who kept pushing on her to help in math and she didn't know how to say no.

her first kiss was with me and my first kiss was with her and that would never change. im sure it happened.for a reason

i loved every moment i spent with her even when i knew that she was not thinking of me. and i felt so close to her and i loved seeing her happy.

however it was love from one side and when i felt disappointed at some time, i just stopped everything unexpectedly and that was a huuuuuge mistake because i was her best friend and more like a brother. but it happened for a reason.

the important here is that i failed her because i gave no explanation whatsoever and i didn't know how to share my feeling although i was 17 years old.

what happened after? well she returned back every gift i gave her and i understand because i reaaaallly broke her heart:( i still feel bad till now and i will try to repay her using haopibess every day left of my life.

my first gift was a blank notebook because she loved poems and i thought that would make her write and be greater at it. i also remember i gave her a medal i won because i won it for her and she was number one to me ... and still is... always will be.

there are other gifts and for each one there was a meaning. i was a poor guy so there weren't any jewelries however it contained all the love that i could give back then.

after that it was three years of nothing at all between me and her. nothing but the times when i see her because my heart was still aware of his mate.

now what? i tried to forget her and i couldn't. i tried to say i am sorry but it didn't work out.i sent letters but all in vain. i was devistated and i can't do anything about it. so i waited...

i don't know how it happened but it happened for a reason. i think they made facebook only so i could get close to her again and so i did after a few burning messages.

i promised my heart that i won't blow it this time. i will be her friend because at least i will still be around her. and i kept my promise even in some hard situations.

well in one camp, i was invited to watch the camp fire and i took my camera to capture everything. i was amazed by the energy that she still has and i just loved to see her happy. so when i showed up she came running towards me to tell me that she returned back to her boyfriend.guys you have no idea how friendly she is. although it was painful to hear the news, i still felt special because she shared that with me.

i smiled but my heart was bleeding again and still i kept my promise because i just wanted to be there ... at her side.

for god's sake i loved her but it wasn't right to come between two so i stayed aside until he did the big mistake.

i said to myself what a stupid silly guy to not appreciate her. without going into the details i am sure it happened for a reason and yet i didn't try anything because it was too early. i needed to know if she was ready for me because this time i will show her my true feelings. i ve been her neighbor, her tutor, her brother, and her friend and now i am everything to her because i gave her myself.

we are now making our way through life together. although we are distant

Everything happened for a reason baby. I am orthodox for a reason and jawza2 for a reason. Everything happened because i love you and i prayed for you. you are my gift from God and i have waited like a child for you. my heart beats for every breath you take and it has your fluffy shape because you fill it.

you are one unique pearl, so precious.

i love you for ever

i will always respect you

i will always try to draw your beautiful smile


i love you parpourte

you are my everything

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