Chapter 2:))

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Police officer's P.O.V continuesss

The next couple of days seemed to be wierd around the town, animals went missing an blood scatterd around the ground the other wierd part was that this all started to happen after Lisa's body went missing, an also because we kept finding her fingerprints around the crimescene of the missing animals an blood. Is she alive? Or is she what I think she is because she was dead in the morgue an when I had found her in the woods, an them slits on her neck look like bites I know this sounds crazy but I think we got ourselves a Vampire.

Lisa's sisters P.O.V

Why did this have to happen to my sister she was only 17 years old!? I don't think shes really dead though because after her body went missing from the morgue I could've swore I saw her staring in my window. The next day it happened again so I went an openend my window an well I was right it was her!! I was so scared I fell backwards an she jumped in my window! "How are you alive I thought you were dead?!?" I said to her screaming an crying at the same time. "I was walking down the road to go home when this man came up to me he was so handsome I couldnt take my eyes off him. He offered to walk me home since it was late an there could've been some bad people out that night, for my luck that bad person was him, we had a long interesting convirsation he seemed to be a really nice man but then he stoped me an said "Im going to kill you now an your going to be like me" an then he tackled me an dragged me in the woods an bit me in my neck.

I soon died well thought I died then I woke up in the morgue an was blood thirsty an I broke out an killed some animals." Lisa said to me. "So your saying your some kind of Vampire?" I said to Lisa confused. "Yes I suppose, but please don't rat me out I don't want to go to some kind of lab an get tested on I promise not to kill any people just animals please!?" She said to me. "Alright I promise but you have to tell mom & dad your alive, well half alive anyways......

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