Caught Like A Max

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Author's note:This time the interview is with max, and it's a video. The video is Max interviewed by Bryan Stars interview a couple weeks ago(as of August 19th). I'm putting this here because it tells Max's side of things. And this chapter is about Max and how Ronnie met him. It is a work of fiction, yes, but the main things really happened(Them meeting in high school at a talent show, Max says it in the interview if you don't believe me!!). And this chapter kind of makes up for the very short actual chapter last chapter. I really do hipe you like it!!! Here you go....

Chapter 3: Caught Like A Fly With Max

“I’ve been beaten, I’ve been bruised, I was left for dead as well. I was wrongfully accused, you left me locked inside a cell! I’ve been cheated, I’ve been sued, but I have lived to tell. The more you kick me when I’m down the more it truly helps.”  

            I went to school with Max and Robert. We went to Sunrise Mountain High School. Back then, I was the same as I was in the early days of ETF. I was proud, easily tempered, and the cockiest mofo ever. But it was all part of my charm. Or so I thought.

            We were all in bands. We weren’t in the same one though, not yet anyway. I didn’t meet them until the talent show of sophomore year. Max’s band, which included Robert, had already played the talent show and were pretty amazing. Almost too amazing that I was afraid to go on after them.. Almost though, but not quite. I was too excited, excited and nervous, to not do it.

            This was my dream. I’ve always wanted to be a rock star. When I was in elementary school, while we were do spelling tests or math problems, I’d daydream about being onstage, the stage lights glaring down on me, a mic in my hand, thousands of fans singing the words along with me. The songs that I would write myself. I wanted to change the music scene. Wanted to do things no one else had done before. A friend and I were wearing girls pants wayyy before it was cool. Not to sound like a hipster, but it’s true. We dressed emo before it was cool.

            That’s something no one had done before. I used to get made fun of for wearing girl’s pants and shirts that were too small for me. Nowadays all the cool kids dress like that. Nowadays it’s possible to get made of fun for dressing how everyone back when I was a kid considered cool. My its weird how times change.

            *Flashback too talent shows*

“Dude,” I said to my band mate beside me. He was the drummer. “They are pretty amazing.” I said, talking about Max and Robert’s band as they played the talent show. We were up next and, after seeing that band, I was a little worried.

“Yes they are.” Drummer said. “But we’ll be better.” He said with a smile. He started drumming the air then, completely ignoring me.

“Well then.”

Max’s band had finished their song then. I heard light applause coming from the audience. Nothing to enthusiastic. Not many people were paying attention Why would they? Our talent shows weren’t the greatest in the world. Nor were they bad. They were just boring.

“Man,” I began as the scrawny guitar player and his band made their way backstage. “That was awesome. You guys are rock.”

He smiled. “Thanks man. I’m surr you guys will too.” He had said, putting his hand out.

I took it. “Ronnie.”

 “ Max.”

“Well Ronnie,” Max said, looking at me with those green eyes of his lighting up with excitement. Over what I didn’t quite know. “It looks like you’re needed on stage. “ He said, pointing to my band mates standing just to the outside of the stage.

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