Chapter 2

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I Could Not Believe What I Was Seeing. Niall Horan Was Sitting Right Beside Me.

Stay Calm Breathe Dawn , Breathe.

As I Steadied Myself I Asked What He Was Doing Here.

" I Was just getting away from the fans. The sweet ones , and the. . unfriendly ones."

"DAWN! We Have To Go ! ," I Looked Up to The Voice That Was Calling My Name. It Was From Jenna . Ofcourse.

But I Didn't Want To Just Leave Niall Like That.

" Uh , I'll Be There in A Minute ."

" Is That Your Sister ," Niall Questioned.

"Um , No That's My Best Friend. But As You Can See, I Believe I Havee To Go ."

As I Started To Walk Away , I Felt A Tight Grip On My Arm. Turning Around , I Saw Niall Was The One Who Gripped My Arm , I Stopped Walking.


" May I Get Your Number ?" Niall Asked Nervously.

" Yes You Can , Can I See Your Phone.? " I Asked.

" Here ." Niall Said Taking His iPhone 4s Out.

As I Put My Number In , I Saved It As ' Dawn-Dawn ' .

" Thanks , Ill Call You Later Love ," Niall Said , Kissing Me On My Cheek. Like OMG!

As I Watched Him Walk Out Jen Came Over And Gave Me My Lukewarm Drink.

" Who Was That Cutiee ?," She Asked As We Headed Back To My Place.

" You Wouldn't -" I Was Cut Off With My Phone Playing ' More Than This '.

' Hello ' i said answering my phone.

' Is This Dawn ? ' a husky voice said.

' Yes it is .'

' Just makin sure you didn't give me a phony number .'

My Heart Skipped A Beat Nowing It Was Niall.

' Never would i .'

' Well I gotta go love , text you later. '

' Ohkaay , byee .'


" Who Was That ? ," Jenna Asked Agian As We Entered My House.

" Oh, Just Niall Horan ." I said in a calm tone.

Jenna Looked At Me Like ' Bisssh Stop Playin '.

" Fine , Don't Believe Me . He's Gonna Text Me Later , I'll Have Him Call To ." I Said With A Playfull Wink.

" Mhmm , Suree , In Your Dreams."

" That's Exactly What Im About To Do. Dream .," I Said As I Toke My Clothes On , And Put On Some Pj Shorts With A Tank.

As I Laid In Bed , I Thought About All The Things That Happened To Me Today. This Is Like To Good To Be True. Somebody Pinch Me ?

BAM! " Hey Hoe Scoot Over ,." Jenna Said Aftet She Punched Me In My Shoulder.

At Least I Know Im Not Dreaming .

( Jenna Stays Over Alot And At The Time There Remodeling Her Room To Her Standards}

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