God Is Our Word

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Rejoice, Mirth and Sing

Rejoice, mirth and sing

For God's graces are outpouring

He is our shield when thorns are raining

He is our voice when we are singing

He calms down the sea if it's angry

He comforts us when we were weary

He exhibits great valor and bravery

He is as sweet as a strawberry

His promises can never be broke

His soothing power cannot be choke

He is real, He's not wearing cloak

In what he stated, what he spoke

The flowers start to bloom

I cherish every thing in His room

He flourish everything I see

And uncaged me, made me free

The courage He had is great

He's always in time, He's not late

All He want is our deep faith

And calmness, believe and never skate

He gave the world in our care

To embellish it in all our fare

What is the consequence of the dare ?

Obviously, to learn how to share.

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