Love or Lies Ch. 4

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Rosie survived the first day. She thought the hallways were to crowded. At the end of the day she went to her locker to grab a few things. She had a lot of homework to catch up on. She opened her locker and Cole walked up to her.

"Hey Rosie. How was your first day."

She tried not to make eye contact with him. "Fine. Why?"

"Your new. Just asking."


"Want to go out sometime? See a movie?"

"I don't even know you." She shut her locker and started walking towards the front doors. Cole followed.

"Thats why you go with me and get to know me."

"Ughm... No thank you."

"Your turning me down? Wow.. That the first." Cole was the popular one at school. Played football and got all the girls.

"Yup. Call it what you want. I don't want to go." Rosie headed out the doors and sat on the steps to wait for her mom. She pulled out her phone and looked at the time. She thought to herself 'Come on mom. 8 more minutes. Get here faster. Cole get away please.' Cole sat down next to her. So close he was basicly on top of her.

"Your still here?" She asked him.

"I'm not leaving till you say no." He grabbed her phone and added his number. She looked at him annoyed. 'Typical guy.'

"You don't even know me. Please get away."

"I want to get to know you though. Just come out with me tonight."

"I don't want to go out to see a movie with you. I'm fine by myself. I don't want a boyfriend so don't try. Just leave me alone." It was hard for her to say that. He was really attractive. Some of Coles friends walked by.

"Ouch." They said walking away.

"So you won't just go for one night? To a movie."


"You have another half a year with a locker next to mine. I'm not going to stop asking till you say yes. So will you go?"

She was getting really mad. "Get away now." '2 more minues mom. Hurry up!'


"I said no and I won't say yes. Get away from me."

"Please? Just tonight?"



"If I say yes will you get away from me and leave me alone?"


"Then yes. Now leave." He hugged her and then ran to his car and left. She just stared at him weird.. Did that really just happen to her? Her mom pulled up to the school. 'Hmm. Now you pull up.' She got in the car.

"Have a good first day?" Her mom asked.

"If you call getting annoyed by a guy asking if you want to see a movie then yes." She was still mad.

"Your going out tonight?"

"I guess.. Just for tonight."

"Honey are you sure? You don't have to."

"Mom I will. I'm already hurt. I won't get hurt again."

"Okay." Her mom pulled out of the school and they went home. Rosie got a text from Cole. How did he even get her number? Guys these days..

"Meet you at the coffee place downtown in an hour?"

"Okay." Wait.. Wasn't it suppose to be a movie? Dang it.

"Can't wait.:)" She threw her phone on her bed and ran to the bathroom. If she had a date for the night with a hot guy she had to look her best. She didn't know what to wear so she just put one of her old country dresses on and cute flats, straightened her hair and then put a flower in the side. She grabbed a small purse and left to go to the coffee place. She walked there and found Cole right away sitting at a table outside. He walked up to her and hugged her.

"Hey Rosie." He said and winked.

"Don't hug me please." She winced at the pain still in her stomach. She had a huge bruise there. Cole noticed it hurt her.

"Are you okay?" The pain hurt so bad.

"Yeah." She said trying to catch her breath. She sat down at a table and breathed a couple times.

"Is there something wrong?" Cole asked worried.

"Nothing at all.." She didn't want to tell him. Not now anyways. She didn't know him or trust him. After drinking a coffee and talking they decided to go for a walk in the park. It was dark out. Rosie remembered the night of the storm. She held Cole's arm the hole time afraid.

"I've been wanting to ask you, whats the bruise on your face from?" She remembered her face was a little bruised from when Shane punched her. She had a flash back of the night and she stopped walking. A tear ran down her face and she sat on the ground and cried.

"I'm sorry did I say something?"

"No you didn't" She said trying to fight back the tears.

"Are you sure your okay?" Rosie looked into his eyes and noticed he did care about her. She realized that she could trust him. But she wasn't sure if she was going to tell him the story. What would he even think of it?

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