Chapter Thirteen


I ran down the corridor, calling out her name. "Jade!"

It's the first time I've seen her all day and because it was the end of the day, it was my last chance. I really wanted to speak to her.

She finally heard me shouting and turned around. When she saw it was me that was running after her, a smile flashed onto her face.

I got to her and we instantly hugged one another. I didn't say a word as I took advantage of hugging her once more but I did hear Jade muttering things like "I'm sorry" and "Please forgive me". But she didn't know that I had already forgiven her. I'm just so glad that she wrote me that letter otherwise we still wouldn't be speaking.

We broke apart and she repeated, "I'm sorry." to me again but louder this time.

I smiled softly, "It’s OK, I’ve forgiven you. Thank you do much for writing that note, it meant everything when I read it. I'm glad you still want to be my friend!"

"Of course I do. I regretted everything I said to you. I was a b!tch to you." she said, looking down to the ground. She then perked up, "Hey do you want to come for a pizza with the girls and I. We'd love you to come!"

"I'd love to but I’ve got to go home. Sorry." she nodded and gave me another hug. I felt bad for lying to her, I'm actually going round Matt's for a while. I couldn't really tell her that.

We walked out the school in different directions and I made my out the school gates and towards an area, around the corner, where Matt will pick me up in his car. We have to do this so people don’t see us, otherwise that won’t end well. We planned this at lunch.

I stood where we arranged for fifteen minutes before Matt turned up. I knew it could take him a while seeing as other teachers would of wanted to speak to him. When he showed up, I quickly got into his car and we drove to his house. The car ride was in a comfortable silence as we held hands with one another for most of the journey. Sometimes I couldn’t help taking glances at his handsome face. How could he be so perfect and be mine?

At Matt’s we spent most of the time in his bedroom. His room will probably always make me laugh; it was like a twelve year olds room! We sat on his bed talking, kissing and joking around. I felt so relaxed and at peace with Matt that I felt like this was the best time.

I climbed on top of him, pushing him down so he laid down on his back, as I straddled him. I slowly bent down and kissed his lips. He responded immediately and things became heated pretty quickly. As we were kissing, my phone beeped from a text but I ignored it. I could look at it later; I was kind of busy right now.

I started to unbutton his shirt but his hands grabbed my wrists. “No. We can’t.”

I pecked his lips again, “Please!”

“W-We can’t… you’re underage. What if someone found out?”

I took hold of his hands, “I don’t care. No one will find out if we keep it to ourselves. Please, I love you!”

He thought about it quickly as he didn’t want to upset to me, I knew when he pulled me down to his lips that he’d agreed. It then heated up again pretty quickly. It definitely was the best I’ve had. I’ve always wanted to have someone else as my first, so I’m glad it was with Matt… even if he isn’t actually my first, I’m going to count it as it is.

It was about eight o’clock when I finally left Matt’s. He offered to drive me home but I rejected the offer as I needed to go to the shops to collect a few things that mum wanted.

“That would be ten pound fifty, please.” The lady at the cash register said. I gave her the money and walked out the shop with the shopping bag. As I was walking home in the dark, I remember that I had a text message earlier.

I got my phone out my pocket and saw it was from my mum.

He’s out! Chad’s been bailed!

I gasped. No! He couldn’t be. Why did they do this?

Thoughts were buzzing through my head and I couldn’t understand why they would do that. He nearly killed me and then he tried to do it again when I was in hospital… are they mad?

I read over the message again and suddenly a hand was placed over my mouth. I tried to scream but it was no use, the hand blocked it as I was dragged away, dropping my phone in the process. What’s happening?

I was dragged down a dark alleyway and slammed against a brick wall. Pain shot through my head and my vision went blurry. When I could see properly again, the man standing in front of me was him. It was Chad.

He looked straight into my eyes, “Hello.” He said with a smirk. I was terrified. He could do absolutely anything to me. He was going to ruin what has been such an amazing day. What did he want from me?

His hand was still over my mouth but he slowly took it away, watching my every move so he knew I wouldn’t scream. To be honest I don’t think there is any point, no one will be able to hear me. Once his hand was gone he leaned in and placed his cold, chapped lips against mine. They felt horrible and I need to get away from him.

I began to struggle but he grabbed me tightly and pulled me to a car I didn’t recognise, it definitely wasn’t his. He took me to the rear of the unknown car and opened the boot. I was confused to why he opened it because there wasn’t anything in there. But I soon knew why he opened it up because I was pushed into it and had the door shut on me. Why did he put me in here? I thought he would take me to his house… I already knew where that was. Perhaps he wasn’t taking me to his house. Where was he taking me then?

He started the car and began the journey to wherever he was taking me. I couldn’t see a thing; darkness surrounded me, until it engulfed me as I fell asleep.

Slowly my eyes opened and I found myself in unknown room. It seemed to be a warehouse. I tried to stand up but found I was tied to a chair, the ropes that tied my hands together, dug in. I attempted to get out of the ropes but it was no use, they were too tightly done.

I looked around near me but there was nothing sharp enough to use. Actually there wasn’t anything in the room apart from some wooden crates. There weren’t any windows and only one door, which I had no idea what was on the other side of it. Escaping didn’t seem very likely.

I couldn’t understand why he would do this… kidnap me? What’s the point in that? I’m never going to be his. But then I thought back to the day he came to the hospital and tried to kill me again, I wished he actually killed me the first time because he was being searched for by the police. If he was mad then when he hadn’t been put in a cell for a week or so, he would be livid now. I couldn’t see a way of getting out of this so I actually believe this is it; Chad is going to kill me… Matt can’t save me now!

The only door in the room opened with a slam making me jump in the process and in walked Chad. He stood in the doorway looking right at me, “Oh your awake now!” 


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