Chapter 6: The Fight and Rin's Lineage

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***Kokoro’s POV***

(In an Alley)

“So… how much should I pay you?” the boy asked rudely. I tilted my head.

“Why would you need to pay Rin?” I asked him, curiously. “What happened this morning?”

“Heh. So you didn’t tell your girlfriend? Good…” I cut him off.

“I’m not Rin’s girlfriend. I’m his cousin, you street rat.” I growled. The boy ignored me.

“Anyway. My parents are well known and the new term at True Cross Academy is coming up. I wouldn’t want… bad rumors to get around.” The boy slowed his speech to sound intimidating. But between me and Rin, I’m pretty sure we could get out of this with only minor issues, but let’s not.

“You’re going to the same school as my brother and Koko-Chan? Hmm, that would be bad.” Rin said, going along with my earlier statement about being cousins. “I doubt the school would want anything to do with cruel punks like you.” Rin said coldly.

“What did you do~?” I asked, now unable to control my curiosity. Plus, I didn’t like this kid, if he did something bad, I could tell dad and he wouldn’t get in anywhere.

“Ah. He was killing a bunch of pigeons in the park.” Rin told me. I almost cried in horror.

“NO! There’s no way I’d let you into my school now! And here I thought you were spray-painting garbage cans!” I cried, tears falling from my eyes. “If there’s something I hate more than fire, its murderers!” I shouted at the boys.

“Oi! Calm down Koko-Chan. I wasn’t gonna tell anyone anyway. And she won’t either. Are we done? We were kinda busy…” Rin was cut off by the boy again.

“What’s with that attitude? You tryin’ to be cool? Ha ha ha! Be honest man. You three are so poor you can’t even pay for school.” I growled at him.

“What’d you say?” I took a step closer, but the boy’s goons blocked my path. “Assholes…” I muttered, spitting boiling water at the ground.

“Take it. Your brother, Yukio Okumura… studied hard to get a scholarship right? That’s sorta like a debt. How sad. Put this towards his tuition.” The next thing I know, the boy was flying through the air, landing in front of me. His friends went to help him, so I took the time to go back to Rin.

“We should go…” I mumbled. Of course, I was ignored~!

“Say what you want about me… But don’t diss my brother, or Kokoro!!!” Rin yelled as the boy began to get back up. I shuddered as more Coal Tar swarmed around him.

“Ha ha ha! That hurt. What’re you so…. Worked up about?!!”

‘Crap!’ I thought as his anger increased.

“Get them! Hold them down! And be careful, this guy’s a real monster.” The boy said as he ordered his friends to pin me and Rin to the ground. The boy who was holding me practically laid on top of me, one hand holding my wrists above my head, while his other hand was sliding up the bottom of my dress.

“Hey?! You damned pervert! Get the hell off of me!” I screamed, knowing Rin couldn’t help at the moment.

“Interview? Ha ha ha! I guess that explains the suit. I feel for ya, dude. Even demons gotta find jobs after junior high. Without anyone to support… you’re nothing but scum!” while I was busy listening to Rin’s conversation, I felt the boy pinning me reach higher up my legs.

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