Chapter 4

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Believe it or not the ride to the interview was not that much different from a ride down to the shore with a few friends. It was just full the boys laughing and joking, until the realized that I was being quiet.

"So why is it we're just know meeting Niall's lovely sister?" Zayn asked, as all the boys' heads turned to where I sat between Niall and Harry.

"Do you want the condensed, simple version--?"

"Yes," was the unanimous answer before the question was finished.

"Well okay. I finished university and went back toIreland. I told my family aboutNew Yorkand Broadway, and that I wanted to be on it. I wasn't as supported as Niall here, but I don't blame them now, as I did then. Niall auditioned the same year for The X Factor. They supported him, why not me? So I pretty much said, screw you, and left. I changed my last name and blended in with the citizens of New York. Like I said I don't blame then now, I was never home, so they didn't know I was just as talented if not more so than my brother," I said teasing Niall with the last bit.

"So that means you can sing the right?" Louis said sitting on the edge of his seat.

"She's AMAZAYN!" Liam said, and then clapped his hands over his mouth, and I turned a slight shade of pink and Niall raised an eyebrow at him.

"Then she simply must sing for us!" Zayn said looking at me expectantly.

"No I rea--"

"Prepare yourself boys. They're a hell of a lot of girls out here." Paul said from the front seat. Never in all my life have I been so thankful to a stranger. Security was set up and a member of NYPD was stood right by our door. He opened it and I was momentarily deafened by the sound of the screams. One by one, we slid out of the car.

"Who is she?"

"She's not even all that pretty,"

"Why does someone that ugly get to be in the same car as them?" were some other comments made about me as we started walking toward the building. As much as the  words hurt, that soon changed to anger, but being the good girl I am, I got Niall's attention enough for him to realize I was pissed. He leaned in to say something to Liam, who then backtracked through the throng on girls to me. He stopped in front of me and looked at me as if silently asking why I was mad. Tears immediately welled in my eyes as the fans continued to say harsh things around us. Liam looked at me, wiped a tear away that had fallen, despite my efforts against it, away, laced his fingers with mine, and pulled me into the station. 

"Boys you don't have much time before you're in the studio and the interviewer wants to meet you beforehand," Paul said once Liam and I were inside the building and the door closed, instantly cutting off the sound of the screaming girls.

"Okay, let's go boys," Liam said following Paul, but not letting go of my hand.

"Hi boys! My names Blaire," said the small blonde-haired woman flashing a flirty smile at Liam, who was yet to release my hand. "Now I seem to know all your names but hers," she said looking pointedly at me.

"I'm Reagan," I said holding out the hand that wasn't enclosed by Liam's, my Irish accent coming in thick.

"Yes well you can't be in here during the interview so I'm going to have to ask you to leave," she said still eyeing Liam.

"Well I don't think my girlfriend should have to go anywhere, do you Liam?" I heard Harry ask moving from the corner of the room to my other side to snake an arm around my waist.

"Okay she may stay," she said leaning in to whisper in Harry's ear, "but she's clearly cheating on you with Liam here so maybe you and I can get together sometime," she said slipping her number on his pocket with a sly smile.

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