The Proposal

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Dont Hate Me .. ENJOY! =D

Fast forward 4 years.

Lani walks into her apartment to see a note from her best friend. 'Went out, see you later.' She puts the bags down on the counter. After her test she went shopping for the house. She lays on the couch and gets a text from ryan. "Hey, you should come over. How was your test ms. UCLA grad of 2015?" “it was okay. And why should I come?”  She asks him. " Because I miss you." "Well then you come here. I'm exahusted. And if you don’t have your necklace im gonna beat you up." "Be there in five minutes. and if you don’t have your necklace im going to stomp on you =P" He responds while laughing. He has been more then happy to finally be with her. Waiting was hard for him, and the time difference really messed with his head. He learned that the necklace she gave him was from her biological grandmother she never met. When she came he gave her a necklace from his favorite aunt that he had since he moved to vegas. Now that she is about to graduate college in photography and south asian studies they can spend a lot of time together.

      Ryan knocks on the door and lani answers while on the phone with prissy. "Prissy, what is it?" "Come hang out with us at the park. Please." Prissy begs. She missed quality time with her best friend and her boyfriend. "Okay shut up. Tell your man if he tries something like this again I will kill him" lani hangs up and looks at ryan. "They want us to come to the park. Actually your bestie is all 'make them come now baby!'" Ryan laughs and grabs her hand. she reaches away and grabs her camera, in hopes to get some good pictures. They walk to the park and see everybody is there.

     "Prissy!" Ryan yells. She turns around smiling. "Now I can do what I needed." Kev says hugging lani. Lani looks and sees the guys are their with their girlfriends too. Lani sits next to andrew and kev smiles. "I thought I should say this in front of all the people I love. He bends on one knee and smiles. "You are my world and sun. You make me happy and I'm so glad to see you everyday. You came out here and we instantly became a couple. Will you marry me, and take me as yours forever Pricilla Roselynda Alvarez." Everybody looks at the girl standing in front of him as she smiles "yes. I will kevin." Prissy says hugging him tight. He slips the ring on his finger and smiles. Maria, the longest girlfriend looks at lani.

      "How did they start going out." She whispers making Lani smile. "Prissy had a huge crush on dom, but really she just admired his willingness. They was dating long distance and when we came out here. When we got out here they hated each other." Prissy smiles and stands there. “even when they was on different sides of the country they didn’t talk much.” "Kevin confessed his feelings and love for me when I first came out here. I found it kind of weird because he was my best friend. But I soon fell for him, and after the break up he stood behind me and it just happened. I'm so greatful for him. And all of you. Dom is more of a best friend, so no worries for you maddy." Prissy smiles as kev stands next to her. "I wanted everybody to see. We are getting married." "When are we getting married ryan?" He smiles and winks at lani. " okay no time soon." Lani says smiling. She didn't care when they got married, all she cared about was that she had him. He was like her opposite but they fit so well together. She couldn't wait for the day she would wake up to her beautiful kids waking her up and ryan laying next to her. Ryan smiled remembering that in a week he would be taking prissy's spot in the apartment. They was moving in together and starting a new life. A life where it seems like it came out of a dream. His biggest dream of finding his perfect love has became reality.

hey so this is done. unless you demand MOARR!! which i dont have moar so it will probably suck! but yeah, bet you wasnt expecting that. okay yeah this was my favorite chapter because i wrote half of it in the middle ofthe night and when i re-read it i was like what?  but its awesome. okay tah tah <3

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