One Night On The Summer Train

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I could feel the rain pounding on the inside of my body, the blood pounding through my veins loudly and coldly. I didn’t know what was happening, but I didn’t like the feeling. Half my brain felt as though it was frozen, and the intense ringing in my ears was enough to make me want to bash my head against the nearest tree.

“Hey, man. You okay?” I heard the voice of my cousin, Dustin, echo through my ears. I didn’t know what the feeling was, but I could sense it getting worse, as if it were a metal detector going off, and the more I moved away from it, the more it would ring.

“No.” Was all I ground out through my teeth, before turning and walking through the forest we just came through for our late night patrolling of our Pack’s perimeters.

“Paul, hey, stop!” A girl’s voice called to me, grabbing my bare arm. The voice made my head hurt more, an annoying thing since my insides were starting to unclench the more I moved towards the old train station.

I barely glanced at my pack member, Thindal, who looked up at me pleading with her big brown eyes. I ignored her, and continued walking. Soon enough, I could hear the other two following me.

It wasn’t long until we came out of the forest, all barefoot, with Dustin and I wearing nothing but jeans and Thindal wearing daisy dukes and a long, plaid top tucked up kinda like a slutty cowgirl, standing in the rain. Any other day I’d be drooling all over Thindal, one of the few unmated females in our pack, but today was different. I stared at the black nosed train that stood across from us as it prepared to take off again.

On the side in gold cursive was “The Summer Train” which was named after the first Alpha’s daughter. It left the canopy of the train station, slowly giving me view to the covered deck and the wooden door that was now closed after the last run of the night. It was a little after 12 am, and there was no one there.

Well, except this girl. Her back was to us, with three black suitcases around her. She was talking so quiet on her phone, not even I, with werewolf hearing, could understand what she was saying. That only meant one thing: she was a were too.

Her long brown hair flew down her back in soft, straight strands, almost to her butt, which was looking pretty cute in dark wash jeans that were tucked into black heeled boots. Her shirt was white with thin blue stripes, with sleeves that ended up a little past her elbow. Even from the back she looked gorgeous.

My head called a million things at me, but none of them hurt. None of them were annoying. They were all sweet and informative, and it made my mouth talk without permission. “Hey!”

She looked back at us surprised, her small dark green eyes opening wide. They slowly went back to an almost Asian shape as they looked us over, taking in our clothes and I could see her tilt her nose slightly, as if to smell the air.

She turned her back to us, which I took a little sadly, and ran across the tracks. Jumping up onto the platform, and grabbing the handle of one of her bags, I watched her with new interest, like if I looked away she would disappear from in front of me. But she just went on with her conversation, talking even quieter, but her beautiful green eyes would look at my face, or my bare chest, or my eyes every once in a while.

Then she did something that surprised me. With a smile, she handed the phone to me-a lime green sidekick-and crossed her arms, waiting for me to put it up to my ear and talk. I did, but my eyes never left hers as I listened to the voice on the other side, feeling caught like a fish in a net.

Paul? Paul Harris?” The voice asked in disbelief, and I squinted my eyes in confusion. But they I cleared my throat, as I almost choked on my own breath. Correction, I did choke on my own breath.

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