Chapter Eleven

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8 missed calls. My phone read when I checked it. Ugg, will this guy ever give my a break? Personally, I'm not into the clingy types.

I roll my eyes when my phone starts ringing again and guess who it is. Evan. Sighing, I press ignore for what seems like the hundreth time today. The day after the beach thing I didn't go to school, along with Isabel, and we spent all day together with fuzzy socks and chicken noodle soup. It was fun just to relax and chill with her, we havn't done that in forever!

Anyway, I didn't go to dance class all week either, which I probably shouldn't have done because next time I see Madam Kendra she will spit fire and lecture me until my ears fall off. I'm not joking, it's happened before with another student and we havn't seen her sense.

"Erin!", my mother yells from downstairs, pulling me from my thoughts. I lazily walk down stare in my pink yoga pants and oversized t-shirt. 

"What", I yawn out and trudge into the kitchen, presumably where my mom is lurking. I stop right outside the doorway when I hear her giggling and think: Since when does my mom giggle?! 

Seeing my shocked expression, Blake chuckles while nudging me and giving me a simpathetic look before stalking upstairs, a gatorade at hand. I huff and reluctantly peek my head throught the doorway and gasp at the sight in front of me.

Evan Rider, clad in his signature leather jacket, is sitting at the kitchen table while my mom hands him a soda, giggling like a giddy school girl. 

I stomp myself in full view, put my hands on my hips and cock my head to the side in question. "Oh Erin dear, there you are!" My mom promenades to my side and drags me further into the room, all the while grinning like an idiot. "Your friend Evan is here to see you!" She adds, emphasizing Evan's name.

I glance at Evan and looking at him in distaste as he shooks me an amused look, quirking an eyebrow. "Hello Erin!" He says.

I grunt in response, looking down at my purple polished nails like they're the most fascinating thing to me.

He clears his throat and tries again, "Hi, uh, Erin." What's strange is I hear a little guilt in his voice. I meet his gaze, looking for it in his eyes, he shifts uncomfortably in his seat and shoots me an uncertain smile.

"Hi Evan." I say flatly.

"Oh! I'll just leave you two be!" My mom squeals as she walks out. "Evan and Erin, Evan and Erin..." Her voice fades out.

"And what is it that I did to be graced with Evan Rider's presence today?" I say, sarcasm lacing my words. 

"I, uh..." He stutters.

"What's the matter mister tough guy? Cat got your tongue?"

He chuckles and rises from his seat, towering over my short stature. "Look, little miss priss, I don't expect you to be your oh so joyess self, but if I were you I'd get my jacket and my pretty pink pointe shoes and follow mister tough guy out the door." I cower under his gaze and threatening tone, and slowly back up out of the room. Turning swiftly onmy heels, I make a run for the stairs to my room, grabbing my dance back and shoving myself into a sweatshirt. I am way too much of a wuss to make that guy angry.

I bolt down the stairs to see Evan casually holding the front door open for me with a smirk playing on his lips, and bolt through there as well, head down the whole way. My fists clentch at his smug look and I sware I'll get him back for how he played this out.

I stare out the window silently as Evan drives. The whole ride I sat slumped down in my seat with my arms crossed, pouting childishly.

"Perk up, Erin! We're gonna have tons fun!" Evan's sarcasm corrupts the silence and I just roll my eyes and climb out of his car as fast as I could, the car not even coming to a complete stop.

15 minutes later, we're both stretching in the studio and you could cut the tension with a butter knife. 

"C'mon Erin, you can't ignore me forever!" Evan says, one of his many lame attempts to start a conversation. From the corner of my eyes, I see him scooting closer to me on the barre every couple of seconds. I give a frustrated sigh when I hear more shuffling, but brush it off my shoulders, lifting my leg onto the bar and use my opposite arm to stretch across my body.

I go to lift my other leg, but get distracted by heavy breathing in my ear. A few more in and outs of hot puffsand  then, "Hi" he whispers, making me snap.

"What is your problem?!" I shout, throwing my arms in the air and jump back.

"My problem? Your the one giving me the cold shoulder!" He says like it's obvious. 

I scoff, not believing the way he's acting. I shake my head dissappointedly, "Unbelievable!" I say more to myself and march to the other side of the room.

"What? just tell me what's wrong!" He shakes his head and slumps his shoulders in defeat. "I can't read minds you know! I don't know what you want me to do to make you feel better!" I stay silent. "With most girls, I wouldn't even make an effort, but-"

"Oh jeez, I'm so sorry! I never knew how special I am to you!" I shoot him daggers and his eyes widen, only to narrow in on me in annoyance. "Oh, am I annoying you, Evan? Is there something about me that just triggers your angry side?" 

"You know, you're really bad at that." He says matter-of-factly. Both my eyebrows knit together in confusion by how calm his voice sounded.

"At what?" I ask innocently.

"Trying to act threatening." All seriousness in him vanishes aas he says this, lips twitching into a smile. I cross my arms and tap my foot, waiting for him to explain further. He starts laughing. He lifts up a hand to point at me and laughs. 

My eye starts twitching and I march over to him. "Don't laugh at me!" I demand and slap his hand away. One glance at me and he laughs harder, eventually doubles over from laughter, clutching his stomach with both hands, face a mix of red and blue from lack of oxygen. Why am I suddenly so funny?

I wait patiently, deciding what do to with him, when a light bulb flickers on above my head and a michievious smile comes to my lips. Pulling out my phone, I take a picture of Evan who happens to conveniently be wearing tights and ballet shoes.

"W-What are you doing?" I glance up at Evan who is staring at me dumbfounded, subtley taking a glimpse at the phone in my hand.

I smirk, "Oh, just sending the picture of you in tihts to everyone on my contacts..."

His eyes widen and he pounces foward, desperatley trying to grab my phone. "Nuh-uh!" I say as I dodge his attack, making him stumble. Something like a growl rumbles through him as he faces me again, jaw clenching and unclenching in anger. "Na-na-na-na-na!" I tease, waving my phone in front of him, and sticking my tongue out. I giggle, keeping the phone out of his reach while watching him struggle in his attempts to catch me.

At one point, our eyes make contact and I can't look away from his intense gaze. Something flashes in his eyes before, in one swift movement, he scoops me up with one arm and gentley takes my phone with the other.

Feet dangling off the ground and mouth hanging open in surprise, I realise my whole front is compressed against him, our noses almost touching. A shiver goes down my spine when I feel the heat radiating off him and suddenly his lips crash to mine. 


Yay! They're together!!! ...Or are they?....


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