Who's Brayden

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                                                      Chapter 6

When I woke up I nearly peed my pants. Not only was Zane in my room, but he was sleeping in my bed with his face less than two inches from my face. I stifled as gasp and proceeded to attempt to get out of my bed. Before I could Zane mumbled sleepily and dragged me into his arms crushing me against his very muscular body. 

“Can’t breathe.” I gasped. I saw him open his eyes and he let me go very quickly pushing himself away. I giggled as he landed on the floor with a thump.

“Are you alright?” I asked only mildly concerned.

“Are YOU alright??” He asked ignoring my question.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I was choking you!” He mumbled.

“It was a hug chill. Now come here you big baby.” I reached my hand down to pull him up, but instead managing to pull myself down landing in the middle of his lap.

“OOF!” He groaned as a landed on his ‘precious cargo’.

“I’m so sorry!!” I mumbled attempting to get up. He tightened his arms around me and whispered into my ear “Now this I could get used to.”

I widened my eyes and he only grinned.

“What no good morning kiss?” He asked cheekily. I rolled my eyes, but still leaned in to kiss him.  

“You’re a great kisser Kitty Kat.” He said twirling my hair.

“Kitty Kat?” I asked.

“Well yeah. Couples have cute nicknames for each other duh. I figured I could call you Kitty or Kitten.” He said kissing my forehead. I shrugged.

“Okkkaaayy…. By the way what on earth were you doing sleeping in my bed? Not that I object.” I added winking.

“Well I was leaving, but Kristin was roaming the halls and I would have been sooo busted. So I just came back in here and I kept hearing footsteps so I laid down next to you to wait it out. Then I fell asleep. By the way Kitten, you talk in your sleep.”

“No I don’t Z.”

“No? Then who is Brayden? Half of your talking was about him and the other half was about a boy you said was ‘Hot out of this world.’ Even better you said ‘I like Zane. He is hot out of this world.” He said grinning.

“I did not!” I objected feebly. I couldn’t argue much because my dream from last night was coming back to me so I couldn’t doubt I said that.

“I see that blush you know it’s true!!!” He said triumphantly kissing my lips.

“So who’s Brayden?” He asked after a few seconds.

“Uhm…an old friend?” I said unconvincingly.

“Uhuh. Well then great. So lets you and me go get some breakfast. Yeah?”

I nodded grateful that I didn’t get an interrogation.  He helped me up and I went downstairs ahead of him. I didn’t really want him announcing to everyone we were going out and I was praying he knew that.

“Good morning.” Karrin sang evilly.

“Hey.” I said grabbing the waffles she was holding out.

“So how was your first Carnival?” Bethany asked. Everyone stopped talking to hear my reply.

“Oh it was lovely. So fun. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at an amusement park.” I smiled as Zane squeezed my hand under the table.

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