Part 1

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You wake up to a soft knock on you door. You look over to the clock and see that it's 2 get up from your bed and walk over to the look through the peephole And see that it's Harry. You open the door and let him in. "Harry, what do you want?"

"well I couldn't go to sleep, and I knew you probably couldn't too."

You smile,"And how would you know that?"

"cuz I know you,you hate staying in hotel rooms by yourself."

"well what if I told you I got over it?"

"No you didn't. If you've gotten over it,then why where you still up?",he said with a grin."oh shut up Harry!",you said blushing,"Harry why couldn't you sleep?."

Harry's silent for a minute,nervously runs his hands through his hair.

"Harry,what is it?",you say sitting down.

Harry kneels in front of you and takes your hands,"I was thinking about you.... about..about us."

" Harry there isn't an us". He sighs and puts his hand against your cheek.

"I know. That's what I was thinking about."

"Thats absolutely ridiculous Harry."you say. A look of pure heartbreak crosses his face,but is soon replaced by a half hearted smile. He gets up and turns his back towards you." Yeah ridiculous!",he says,"I can't believe I let the boys talk me into this,"he mutters with a sigh.

"Harry what are you talking about?",you ask confused. He sighs,"nothing it's not important". He says as he opens the door.



"hmm?",he says turning around to face you.

"Harry....can you stay with me tonight?"

He thinks about it for a moment and closes the door."Alright.",he says with a small smile. You smile back and go to your bed and lie down you feel the bed shift as Harry gets in next to you. He puts his arm around your waist and holds you close.

You stay awake for a while and wonder if Harry's awake too you slowly turn around trying not to disturb him. You can't help but stare at him (creeper I know haha!). You pick up your hands and run it through his hair. You smile."I love you,Harry.",you whisper thinking he's asleep and won't hear you. You think you see Harry smile but it's to dark to tell. You fall asleep.

if it's to dark to see him smile she couldn't really see If he was asleep or not. So he might be awake!!!!;) muahahaha!!!

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