Chapter Forty-Four

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(Angelina's POV)

"Hey doll! Do you wanna go somewhere with me and Vinny?" Krissy smiled at me. "Like where?" I asked, very curious. "Oh, nowhere. Just a friend's house." Vinny smiled innocently. I decided to give in, I mean, come on, how much harm can they do? I laughed as we walked like ten minutes to a cute and quiet little blue house, where a boy and a girl were sitting on the door step. "SARAHHH! JASONNN." Krissy yelled, and ran to hug them. I blushed, and looked at the boy. Even from back here, I could see his hazel eyes sparkling. It gave me butterflies. Vinny shoved me forwards, sensing my feet and whole body were frozen, and introduced us. Turns out Sarah and Jason are twins... How cool. We got to talking, and me and Jason like instantly clicked. We exchanged numbers, and I smiled. This is the beginning to a very wonderful friendship, or maybe more...

(Nick's POV)

I smiled, and couldn't help but reflect on what had happened today. We were all friends again, and Maya and Mikey were back together. I was sitting here with my girl, and we all loved each other. I honestly could not have asked for a better outcome. I looked at everyone around the room, and I felt love for everyone of them.. Especially Dianna. This girl is my world, my heart, my one love. She caught my stare, and connected our lips, making me smile. This really is all amazing...

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