Okay I realized I shouldn't be doing this for Votes or Comments I should be doing this because its fun and stuff so I posted this chapter just for fun and so yall can see what a joy this book really is:)


I woke up in 'Our' bed its been about a month so far and it still feels weird waking up in his bed. Everything has been going just as planned I moved in all my stuff to Jakes room and he's finally trusting me. Kaitlyn and Josh have been doing really good I cant believe they havent gotten together sooner they are absolutely perfect for eachother. I havent seen Alan since that one day I really miss him he was so caring and loving. Jake if I do one thing wrong or a boy comes to talks to me it ends badly. The beatings have gotten worse he stopped hitting me in the face but not the stomach or back. He tells me there easier to hide then the face even though they heal really fast, but sometimes he beats me so bad that the wounds wont heal for a whole day. Ive gotten to were I dont like Jake anymore the only person on my mind  that gets me through the worse days is Alan the way his hair spread across his face his eyes that seemed to always pop up in my head. Jake still lets me have my privacy though I just think in his mind beating will teach me a lesson or some shit I dont know he still lets me hang out with friends so thats good.

I slowly took my shower with Jake banging on the door yelling at me to hurry up. When I walked out there was an angry Jake sitting on his bed arms acrossed his chest looking like a 12 year old. I laughed at that.

He looked up "What are you laughing at"

Holding  my laughter " You look like a 12 year old who just got told he cant have any cake" then I laughed some more

He just pouted " Its not funny its your fault you took to damn long in the shower" He stormed off so he could take his shower 

When we got to school I was tackled by Kaitlyn trying to get her off of me and Sarah looking amused by us and Jake laughing his ass off as Kailtyn, Josh , and myself fell to the ground.

I got up dusting myself off "I see someone woke up on the right side of the bed today or should I say Josh's bed" I winked at Josh and Kaitlyn blushing

"Shutup your not in the right place to say since you do the same" She winked at Jake I just shook my head

"I've got something I got to do so dont wait up for me" Jake whispered in my ear then took off

Kaitlyn turned torwards me "Okay since he's gone your sneaking out tonight. With Me! To! Go! TO! A! PARTY!!"

"I dont think Jake would be very happy with that"

She pouted " Come on its your birthday today,and you ass of a boyfriend doesnt even realised that and todays a Friday so why not too scared to sneak out of your boyfriends house to go to a party"

I looked shocked for a moment I cant believe that ive been in my own world lately I have forgotten about my seventeenth birthday.

"Umm Okay ill go but don't you dare tell Jake" I warned 

"FIne, fine lets go" Sarah rolled her eyes then dragged me along with her to 'Talk'

"Okay We need outfits, jewelry, shoes"

"How about you, Kaitlyn, and Josh just go to my house after school and well discuss everything"

Sarah agreed to that then told the others, The bell rang telling us to go to class.

Dylan hasnt said a word to me since Jake gave him a little 'Talk' he just looks at me with sad eyes then sits at the back of the room and puts his head down.

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