Chapter 11: Did You Miss Me?

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Thanks for reading you guys are amazing. I'm only gonna be able ti update on the weekends now because of school. Sorry guys :(. Well enjoy this chapter! :)


(Nialls POV)

Harry and I stopped at our flats and packed a bag good for 3days. We were on our way back to the girls flat now.

"What do u think is going on?" Harry asked

"I have no clue, but something tells me it has something to do with Jake." I said angrily.

"Where is he? I heard they let him go."

"Ya those SOB's did and now we have no idea where he is."

"Everythings gonna be fine Niall. Trust me.'

"I sure hope you're right."

(Alexa's POV)

"Alexa ru ok? I promise the boys will be here any minute." Amanda said holding me

"How did he get in here. How'd he reach my window we're on the 4th floor? What does he mean its not over?" I was a panicked wreck

"Everything is going to be ok! Well be fine. Well take care of everything."

(The doorbell rings)

"Coming!" Amanda says. She rushed to the door. She opened it and immediately hugged Harry. Niall just rushed past them and came and held me. I cried more.

"What's wrong? What happened? Ru ok?" Niall asked just asking question after question. I couldn't answer I was crying way too much.

"Jake! Hes what's wrong! We're fine for now." Amanda said.

"What do u mean for now babe?" Harry asked scared

"Jake left a note for Alexa in her room."

"When?" Niall asked looking at me

"It must've been when we were all here in the living room." Amanda answered

"How did we not hear him? How did ye get up here? How'd he get in?" Niall asked

"We don't know. Alexa found the note on her bed with the window open."

"Wait can we c this note?" Harry asked

"Ya sure let me go get it." Amanda said going to look for the note.

"Babe I'm so sorry. Ru ok? Please talk to me." Niall said looking like he was about to cry.

"I'm never gonna be safe this is never gonna be over. All I'm doing is putting u in danger."

"No stop don't say that. Everythings gonna be fine. Well take care of everything. Ill stay with u as long as u want me to." He then pulled ne into a huge Horan hug and then kissed me. A much needed kiss at that.

"I cant find the note" Amanda said

"Look in my room we probably left it on the floor."

"Oh ya ok." She said leaving to go to my room

"Alexa do u need anything?" Harry asked being sweet as always.

"No I'm good. Thanks anyways. I just wanna s-"


AMANDA!!!!!" Harry said rushing to my room. Niall and I followed close behind.

We ran into the room to find Jake holding a knife to Amanda's neck.

"Hi Alexa! Did you miss me?"

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