Chapter Two: Smile!

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I awake to a bunny sniffing my hair. I look up and he licks my nose, then I giggle. He hops around the garden joyfully, glad that I'm alive. He was the only one who thinks so. He bounces away saying some sort of chant. It was around the end of school until I heard the bell ring and the kids yelling and screaming.

"TGIF!" They were right thank goodness it was Friday.

I get up and walk over to the bus and get on. I see my usual empty seat and sit putting my earphones in and blasting my music. I feel someone sit next to me and I look to see Emmet looking at me with curiosity that flowed through his eyes.

"What?" I ask.

"Why wern't you at school?" He ask as I pull my head phones out.

"Because I fell asleep in the garden... Crying." I mumble the last word.

"I can tell you are covered in dirt." He brushes the dirt off me.

"I don't care. I can never stay clean for five minutes." I laugh.

"Something has changed you. What happened?" He smiles.

"I got woken up by a bunny. It was so cute. It was a black bunny. He sniffed me and I giggled. Then he hopped around with joy." I say excited.

"Awww. Bunnies. What would of been even cooler would be to be waken up by a Unicorn." He laughs.

"OMG!!! I LOVE UNICORNS!!!" I jump and he laughs.

"Well, I guess sleep brings out the happiness in you." He tells me picking up my ipod.

"What songs do you like?" He scans through my ipod.

"Well queen is my favorite and then there is Muse, and Fun." I Tell him.

He pops one of my earphones in and I put in the other one.

"Cascada?" He asks.

"Yup. I love techno too. I'm your virtual weird emo chick." I chuckle.

"Wow I've never listened to techno before. I like it." He hands me my ipod back.

When our hands touch once again, sparks fly sending shivers up my spine.

He smiles like he meant to do that.

I sigh knowing the moment is growing more and more awkward by the moment.

"Ummm..." I mutter.

"Yea?" He asks looking up to meet my gaze.

"Nothing." I lie and look at the ground blushing.

"No really, what?" He asks sitting up straight.

"It's nothing...... really...." I trail off trying to lie again but I know it's no use.

"Aww... Come on. Please what were you going to say?" He asks expectantly.

"Well........", I begin to trail off, "I was wondering if you wanted to come over?.... I live by myself other than my pet owl. I was just curious." I ask trying not to make a weird face.

"That would be great!" ,he smiles, "My parents are going to be gone for the next couple weeks they said to try to find a friends house to stay at. So could a spend the night instead?" He begs.

"Sure. Par-teh! So do we stop at your house first then?" I ask.

"Yea. I have a car." He brags.

"Oh... Okay Mr. Fancy, what kinda car do you have?" I ask so confident.

"A green Nova." He replies back. With a crooked grin that seems to please me.

"Wow. Nice." I compliment.

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