Chapter 13

*Niall’s P.O.V*

So the date went fucking fantastic. No interruptions. Just us, and let me tell you, that absolutely never happens when I’m in public.

“Hey babe, you ready?”

“Yeh just about.”

“Oh my god I’m so excited!” She exclaimed happily.

“Why? You must go all the time?” “Are you kidding me? I’ve never been! I feel like I’m the only person in Florida who’s never been there!” She says rolling her eyes.

“That’s crazy!” I reply. Holy crap. How does she not go to Disney when it’s so close to her? I didn’t bother asking though. We hear a knock at the door and I jump from the bed and jog to the door.

“Vas Hapenin’? ” Zayn asks, holding Jenna’s hand. I wonder if she knows about what he’s gonna do for her today? I’m just not gonna mention it just in case I ruin it.

*Natalie’s P.O.V*

We walk in the big gateway to enter Disney World, but to our surprise, it’s empty.

“Surprise? ” Harry chuckled.

“It was Zayn’s idea.” He whispers to me, and I nod.

“I don’t mind!” I let out a laugh.

“Which park do you want to go to first? Magic Kingdom? Animal Kingdom? Downtown Disney?” Zayn asks and the list goes on.


“Race?” Louis wiggled his eyebrows with a smirk on his face.

“Lets make it more challenging. Girls, get in our backs!” Eleanor was the first one on someone’s back. And by someone, that means Lou.

“First one to the monorail wins.” I hop on Harry’s back. I notice that the monorail is on the other side of the park. Jenna shouts“ITS ON.” And then you hear a loud shout from Danielle.


Niall & Ria were in the lead because that little leprechaun knows how to jump over things. Lou & Ele were in 2nd place and still catching up, Zayn & Jen are tied with Leeyum & Dani. Harry and I are dead last because he keeps trying to scare me by swerving a ton. Oh trust me it works.

“HARRY I’M GONNA FALL!” I shout, bouncing up and down on his back because he keeps trying to jump over things. He grabs my lower thighs tightly and smirks before he speeds past Liam. This boy is having way too much fun with me on his back.

“Damn, you’re really strong! ” he laughs and tries to say something back but he’s too out of breath. Looking straight at the monorail, I see Niall and Louis’ crew has already made it. I turn my head back to see where Liam and & Dani were, and I see that they have separated and are now sprinting toward us.

Wait where is Zayn & Jen? I hear ” RUN FASTER! GIDDY UP!” and I turn back around to see Jen slapping Zayn in the bum, like they do with horses. Harry and I laughed so hard we had to stop and I had to get off because we literally couldn’t bare standing up.

*Jenna’s P.O.V*

We all end up going into different parks after lunch to spend time with our other halves. At the moment, Zaynito and I are at Magic Kingdom and the sun is finally setting.

“C’mon babe. Let’s go on Splash Mountain! ” he says pulling me hand.

By the end of the ride, we’re both soaking wet. He took me up to the Cinderella castle because apparently he bought it out, and has dry clothes waiting for us in Cinderella’s room! We walk out of the elevator leading into a hallway. The floor had specks of gold in it, and it was so pretty.

“Your clothes are in the closet. I’ll go change in the bathroom. ” he walks off with a smile on his face and I surly have him one back. 

The closet is MASSIVE! I can fit my whole house in here! There is one dress in the closet. It was mid length, strapless, and baby blue. There were white heels under the 

on the floor. They were so shiny I could almost see my self in them!  

On the side, there was pearl earings and a necklace with a thin, silver chain with a pearl in the middle. I put the outfit on and I walked over to the mirror to do something with my hair. I took my curly hair and twisted it really tight. I wrap it into a bun and take my hair tie to tie it. I take out some curly strands and let it set near my face. I then placed the white bow that was in my hair earlier and clipped it right in front of the bun. I smile at the mirror excepting my look. Perfect.

I walk into the room and he stands there all perfect. His eyes widen and a smile peers my face.

“Wow. You loo- You look beautiful! ” he breathes out heavily.

“It’s okay! Just breath! ” I say taking his hand. He leads me into the balcony.

“And thank you. You look good too.” He soon blushes. How adorable. He takes me into his arms and we stand there next to the railing looking at the breath taking view.

“The parade and fireworks are gonna start soon” He smirks and kisses me on the shoulder. Butterflies start to go crazy in my stomach.

I can’t freaking wait.


I know this is really short, but I promise the next one will be longer! -Karina.x

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