Ariaana's P.O.V. 

The boys were being such jerks so to get back at them we sent them to the kitchen with Lily who is a control-freak about her food. The remaining four of us sat at the island in the kitchen with Larry to watch the chaos unfold. Niall was the first to make the mistake of touching the food. He attempted to help with the saimin. Louis followed with a carrot. Harry set up shop ordering everyone around while trying to flirt with Lily. Liam Screamed and threw all the spoons in the air when he was asked to get one for the poi. Zayn tortured everyone who crossed his path and picked at the food. "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN! NOW!" screamed Lily. The boys stayed under the condition that they o what ever she says. Liam was instructed to find the poi bowl. Harry was told to find the saimin fork. Louis was told to go to the garden and get some carrots. Zayn was told to get the orange gravy boat. Niall was the only one who was allow to stay. "Lily we don't have any of those things." "I know they needed to leave except for Niall who actually wants to help. Now Niall I need you to chop those veggies up." Lily replied to me. The guys came back when the dinner bell was rung. "Where's the meat and what are these veggies doing in their place?" Harry asked. "We eat vegetables because we do not have edible meat on this island ." I replied as everyone dug in to the food. We had Poi, Saimin, Haupia, Poke, Lomi Salmon, Lau-Lau, and Roasted Butterfish. Even though we didn't have meat we had a lot of fish. We eat really healthy here because of our lack of red meat. We also get a lot of exercise working. Lily loves fishing with the village men. She seems to be pretty close to Hei who was the biggest jerk in the village. But he was pretty good looking so I don't blame her.

"BED TIME" yelled Scarlett as she helped Gracie up. Gracie is mute by choice and is very weak. She eats a lot and tries to regain her strength cause she was the sole witness in a massacre. She was committed to the hospital after the trail with panic attacks. This was 9 months before she got here. We all decided that all the girls should move here permanently. We hope that Niall and Gracie can help each other. Gracie can encourage without words but she needs to be encouraged with love and the effects of helping others. She is everyone's little sister here and the tiniest.

Niall partically jumps out of his seat to help Gracie when she trips and starts to fall. Luckily he got there in time and carried her to her room. The other boys wandered off to their rooms as we said good night. No reply from them except for the slamming of doors. When we got to Gracie's room we said good night to Niall who kissed us all on the cheeks as he said good night. This boy has some manners. We then took Gracie to the basement for a slumber party. We did this cause we knew the boys will try to prank us and send Gracie into a panic attack. That will result in the boys needed medical attention.

"Ariaana set away from your paints and come help us." Rosaline said. She probably wanted some ideas on how to help Liam. She was debating on nail polish colors instead. She obliviously liked Liam for her to go to this girl stage. She was the deep one of the group. Scarlett was the loud funny one. Gracie was the one with food all the time. Lily was the perverted one funny because she never kissed or had a boyfriend EVER. not even Hei has gotten close. I was the mature responsible one who seemed like momma goose.

"MOMMA GOOSE!" the girls cried as the boys enter our hideout. They came with Nerf guns and aimed at us. "Cover Gracie" I screamed as they came with in shooting range. Gracie had her back to them so we could avoid a panic attack for now. Luckily I had my tranquilizer gun with me in case she had one. I had 7 doses. Each one got a dose and fell asleep except for Harry who was unarmed. He was apparently not into it so he was allowed to stay with us as long as he pretended to be a girl and do girly things. He was excited to help with everyone's hair and watch chick flicks with us. He even suggested some really good ones too. The next morning he told us that he used to do this with his sister before the guys came around and made it impossible for family visits. He was really sweet and helped Gracie. He even helped Lily with her bad jokes. He decided to saty by Lily the rest of the day even when she went for her morning ride. She loves to take her board and catch a couple of waves before she starts breakfast.

"LIAM GIVE ME MY MIRROR OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU" screamed Zayn. This boy needs help and a lot of it fast. "ZAYN MALIK LISTEN TO ME YOU ARE NOT GOING TO KILL ANYONE AND YOU LOOK FINE." I scream at him "MOMMA GOOSE TO THE RESCUE!" screams Scarlett. "Zayn you are going to come with me and explain yourself." I tell him raising my voice only a little this time. I took Zayn to my studio. This is where I am Ariaana not Princess Ariaana Horan of Hawaii. I gestured to my spare stool for him to sit on. It was velvet and suppose to be in the throne room but I kept it here in case I ever have a guest. My stool was like a bar stool only covered in paint from everything I did. "Zayn what's wrong?" "Nothing" "Really that wasn't nothing now was it?" "Yes it was nothing." "Zayn you can tell me just trust me." "No." "Fine but if you wanna talk I'm here painting or something don't bother to knock just come in cause I won't hear you." "Fine." with that he left and I got out my painting clothes and got to work on some blank canvases. An hour later Scarlett came in "BREAKFAST." Not bothering to change I went to the dinning room and sat down. "Ummm You have some... err.." Zayn tried to say before Scarlett butted in " You have paint on your boobs again and they aren't covered really well same with your hair." I looked down and she was right. I was wearing my painting cami with match short shorts and I forgot to put my hair up and in my hat.

Lily came in and started laughing. The last time I did this the president was here and I was wearing Jeans and my V-neck way more appropriate than this. I just shrugged and grabbed an apple then set off to the studio again. This time Zayn followed to watch me. He said that every one else had left for the village and he was suppose to wait for me. We set off 20 minutes later after i changed into my cargo pants and a t-shirt of dad's. Then Zayn was bit by one of the spiders. It look harmless until the bite started to swell as he passed out.

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