hey cupcakes!!!! how are you??!?! ready to read a new part...great!!!! but before that...guess what? i'm continuing louis' flashback!!!! ya!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways and the lovely song i have chosen for today? thats right Mine!!!  BY TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know exciting shiznit...........anywho, HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woah i used a ton of exclamation marks in that........ Yeah thats right i'm back baby this book is NO LONGER ON HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        *continued flashback*

         "Hey, Lou....lou....LOUIS!!!!!" "Yes Harry, what would you like." I hadn't realized he had been trying to get my attention. "You seem a little out of is there somthing wrong?" Me and Harry have been down here in the basement playing Call Of Duty for the past half hour and i was hoping he wouldn't notice anything, but he was Harry and Harry noticed everything. "Ahhhhh...nothing, i'm just not feeling my best." I said hoping he would belive me. "Ok... well i'm gonna go get some water you want any?" "No i'm good." Just as Harry reached the top of the stairway Kristian flited down the stairs ever so gracefully  "Hey Louis!!" she said as if nothing happened. "sooooo.......ummmm....sorry about earlier, it was nothing really." Ohhhhhh god she said it was nothing..but i thought it was something oh but i was wrong really wrong...."Ahh earth to Louis you still in there???" "ummmmm...ya i'm here, so that was nothing...." "well ya know it was-" Harry interupted her "Ok i'm back lets get back to the game! Oh and kristian you can leave if you don't mind." Kritian rolled her eyes. " maybe i do mind Harry!" "Just leave little sista." "What no way! i'm older than you!!" "Ya by 12 minutes now go." kristian stomped up the stairs. what was she going to say oh darn you Harry. what if she was going to say that it was somthing.... " hey lou," "Yeah Harry?" "Whats with you and my sister?" "Nothing why?" "Because you guys kinda seem to be auctully talking to eachother??.....you wanna tell me somthing about that?" "She was here you wern't all i did was talk to her." Ok so that was a lie... but its not like he wanted to hear that i kissed his sister. 

*the next day*

 ugh school i hate school there is nothing good about it!! OMG there's Kristian just keep walking maybe she won't notice.... well that plan failed. she grabed me by the wrist as i was passing and said "Hey! Can I talk to you?" I sighed. "Ya sure." "Look about yesterday...i umm i am really sorry, I have kinda liked you for awhile now..." "wha-a-a...you have?" I was in some sort of shock i could not belive the have liked forever likes me. WOOHOO SCORE FOR THE TOMMO!! "of cousre!...but i completely understand if you don't want to be together." What not together is she insane!!!! "Are you insane i want you to be mine(cue music)how could i not!! I have liked you for so long." "really...as in you liked liked me." "Yup, and you never even noticed!" i swear its like i was dreaming she liked me i liked her, it was perfect....but everyone lnows good things come to a end eventully.

   that day was awesome me and kristian had almost every class together we never really talked..but it was nice just to be able to be near her without Harry getting all worked up.

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