Leah is finally a 9th grader.

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I wake up to the sound of Bruno Mars 'Runaway Baby' blaring from my phone. I look over to the clock and almost have a heart attack. It's 6 am. Why the hell am i up at this hour? Oh yeah. Today is my first day of high school.

I get out of bed and decide to walk over to my dresser. What to wear, what to wear. Leah Harvey alway's dress's to impress so a t-shirt is out of the question. After what seemed like forever (when it really was only 5 minutes) i decided on a super cute, pink button up flowey top and some pastel green jeggings. Now for shoes. Is it too cold for uggs? I decided to open my window to see how cold it was in Homes Chapel. As i tried to open my window with my left hand i thought about how hard school was going to be. Not only can i not use my right hand to write but i can't perticipate in Gym for a month. Fantastic. Just Fantastic.

I gave up on the window knowing i still had other things to do before my mum drove me to school. As i brushed through my hair I tried deciding what i could do with it, not using my right hand. My hair really was my best feature. See I'm not really what you would call pretty here in Homes Chapel. I have blondeish hair falling almost all the way down my back, with some brown eyes and pretty normal sized nose. My shoulders are bulky from all the swimming i do. You would think that with all the activity i do i would have a nice, toned stomach right? Wrong. As my mum said before i had gotten fat. My legs are like super model long only not super model skinny. They are muscular but not as nice as i need them to be. As i looked back to the mirror i had decided that straightening my hair was somewhat possible with my left hand. After about 15 minutes of damaging my hair i applied my make-up, grabbed my bookbag, a banana and was headed out the door.

"High school is just like middle school Leah, you have an amazing personalty and will have no problem making new friends. But remember friends don't come before school. I will not put up with the grades you got in middle school this year so I'm expecting A's and B's." my mother said as we pulled into my new high school. Friends before school? HA. Friends are always my top priority. Then boys after that. School was somewhere down the list but i did know that i needed good grades this year. "kay bye mom" i mumbled as i hopped out of the car.

"LEAH". I spun around just intime to see my best friend before she came in for a bone crushing hug.

"ADDIE" i screamed not really caring about all the looks i got from being so loud. " I am so nervous. You would think performing in front of a huge crowd for guitar was scary but, first day of high school, thats whats really scary" Addie said looking around the high school campus. Addie is an amazing guitarist. I don't know why she's nervous for school. She's pretty, smart and super talented in the musical department. Some people like her just have all the luck. " Addie, don't worry you will be fine! The only people that should be nervous are all the boys that get to see us all good lookin and sexy." She laughs her werid laugh that she always does. I smile. I love making people laugh. Thats how i normaly get all my friends. "Well i hate to break it too you Le but we should get going to class. Dont want to be late!" and with that she was gone. Off to whatever class she had, sure to make everyone in that class jealous of how great she was.

"Leah Harvey". "Right here Mrs. Wright" i spoke trying to sound confident. Science is my worst class so of course it had to be my first one. My lab partner still hadn't shown up yet and class was almost about to start. What if my partner is werid? or geeky? OR super sexy? Lets hope it's the last one. As i sit their waiting for class to start some boy comes into class head down, walking super fast. And he sits next to me. He hasn't showed his face yet so I'm guessing he's werid. Yippie.

"So since today is your first day here and you probaly don't have to many friends yet, i thought what a nice idea it would be to play a fun little game with your lab partener! A get to know each other kind of thing." Mrs. Wright said, but all i was thinking was get to know your lab partner? What's more to know? I would say he loooks like a freak but i haven't even seen his face yet! "Leah please pay attention to me, not your partner! You will have plenty of time to do so in a second." How the hell did she know i wasn't paying attention? Oh wait. Maybe it was the fact that i was accidently sitting their staring at noshowhisface next to me. After Mrs. Wright finishes what she has to say she comes by giving me and noshowhisface some paper with little questions on it to ask one another. "I'm Harry". Oh so he has a name i think as i look over too him. I let out a gasp. And a damn sexy face too. "I um...am uh" I stuter. "Leah. Your name is Leah" He says chuckling. A sexy chuckle might i add. "Sorry. Yeah Leah. Hi Harry." I mumble awkwardly. What am i doing? I'm never awkward! Okay maybe i am on occasion but this! This just brings a new meaning to the word awkward! I look up to find his green eyes staring down at me. Another gasp. Leah! Stop gasping! I think to myself. He will think your some werid gasp person who has know friends because shes awkward. I look down at the sheet Mrs. Wright gave me and read the first question. "So Harry" i say trying to sound normal "How many siblings do you have?" He thinks for a second. "One. Named Gemma. Older and pretty. Is it werid that i think my older sister is pretty? he says starting to laugh. Then he starts flipping his curls. Okay this guy is not werid. I think this would most defiently count as super sexy.

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