Chapter 7

October 16, 2012

John's POV

I was sitting on the bench waiting for her to come in today like I did almost a month ago, although that meeting went a bit more successfully than this was about to. As usual, she came in with Jess and when she did I stood up, mainly because I had forced myself to, if I had had my way, I'd be running through those doors all the way home right now. She still looked withdrawn right now. 

"Riley, can I talk to you for a minute?" she nodded and motioned for Jess to go on, barely whispering to meet her and her locker. What had happened to her? She used to be loud and laughing all the time, now she hardly ever rode her bike to school anymore. Something was seriously wrong. 

  "So what's up?" she asked in a small voice.

"I was just wondering if you were okay. You seem so withdrawn compared to a month ago, you don't even ride your motorcycle anymore."

  "I kind of realized within the past month that being to person I was wasn't going to get me anywhere in life and I've been decently unhappy but I'm a bit better now. As for my motorcycle, that is in the garage."

"Are you sure you're ok?"

  "As I said, I'm fi---" I cut her off. I kissed her again. Hopefully this will be a bit better than last time when I just ran away even though she was kissing me back. Within a few seconds, I realized something; she wasn't kissing back but she was letting me kiss her. I stopped and then after a moment she spoke. "John, the last time you did that, you ran away from me and left me standing at my bike confused as heck because not only did YOU kiss ME, I kissed YOU back. Maybe it would be  better if we just took things slowly for right now, as we haven't truly spoken in a month. Ok?"

"Yeah, take it slowly. So since we're taking it slowly, would you like to eat lunch with me?" I asked.

  "Actually, that would be quite nice, maybe we could talk some then," she said.

"Ok, I'll see you then." Well, that could have definitely gone better than it had. What was I going to do? I sighed and went to my locker.


 Riley's POV

  "So he just walked up to you again and just suddenly kissed you again? That doesn't make any sense at all, that's what he did in the first place and then didn't even talk you again afterwards," Jess said as she put her books in her locker as we walked to lunch.

"I know, and apparently we're going to talk at lunch because I said we needed to go slower because last time he just ran away."

  "Well, all I can say is good luck. Oh, and since you're sitting with John today, I'm going to go find Jason, ok?"

"Jess, who am I to keep you from the man that loves you most? Other than your father of course."

  "Ok, I'll see you later then! Tell me everything that happens!" she said walking away. I took a deep breath and went to sit down with John.

  "Hey, how are you?" he asked.

"I'm good, so now are you going to tell me what is going on with you? Because a month ago, you kissed me and I kissed you back but then you just broke off and ran away and didn't tell me anything for a month and then you just up and kiss me again."

  "And this time you didn't kiss me back. Why didn't you kiss back this time?"

"Well, the first time, I thought we would actually be something, and then you didn't talk to me, or text me, or anything, and that really hurt me, so this time, I wasn't about to get hurt again this time. So I guess I put my guard up and stopped wearing my heart on my sleeve. Now you explain to me exactly why you ran away."

  "Well...I guess.... well, do you want me to be totally honest with you?"

"Why wouldn't I want you to be totally honest with me?"

  "I don't know," he said, "anyways, well, when you came over to my house to have me help you with your math, I was already confused about how I felt about you. So then when we got back, I went to talk to you after setting my stuff down and overheard you talking to Jess about some bet that I would kiss you or you would kiss me while you were over and I thought that I should have kissed you then so when I was walking you to your bike, I only did that because I needed more time to decide what I wanted to do so then I just kind of acted on a whim and kiss you. When you started kissing me back, I was just like 'oh my gosh, what do I do?' and so I just kind of ran off. I thought that you would just talk to me about it before the show that saturday, but apparently you didn't and I thought you hated me for it, so I just decided to leave you alone. Then, over the past week, I noticed you were really out of it and sad so I decided I'd be rash again and try and fix it, but apparently, you didn't really like it, so that brings us to now," he finished.

"Well, all I can say to that, is that we're back on the right path without any confusion or misunderstanding. It's good to have you back," I smiled.

  "So what are we now anyways? Are we together, or just friends, or what?" he asked.

"I'd say, that, for now, we are just friends. We'll see what happens from there," I said as I smiled and walked off to my next class.

AN: sorry to those who are reading that really wanted Riley and John to work out, but you never know for future chapters!!! but at least it's not much of a cliff hanger! I would like to post again this weekend but I don't know what I'm going to be doing this weekend as school is starting back up on Wednesday. So, thanks for reading, please vote, comment, and tell me what you all think! -Kaitlyn

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