More Than This (One Direction)

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Talor Hendricks is 18 years old. She is Guitar Lord, Jimmie Hendricks' (my dad knew him verry well as a kid ^.^) grandaughter. She has Long, blond, curly hair and green eyes. She is an adoptive child and has never meet her real parents. All she knows is that her mom was Jimmies sister. Thats all.

Taylors part of story

"Hi sir. Do you need any help finding a guitar?" I asked a man who walked into the guitar store i worked at. It is a guitar store with a bunch of guitars and posters and things that Jimmie Hendricks, my Grandpa, used or signed.

"Yes, Um, well ma'am. I am bringing a celebrity here to get a guitar and i was wondering if you could close the store while he is looking." The profecional looking man asked me.

"Let me go see what time we can do that. Ill be right back." I told him running back behind a counter to the cash regester to get a book of rules, times we close, and days we are closed.

I saw we have a time where we can at 3 noon. I walked back over to the man who was looking at the life size statchue of Jimmie Hendricks.

"We have a 3 noon today sir. Is that ok?" I asked him.

"That would be perfect!" He said.

"I just need you to sign a couple things and we will be all done!" I told him walking to a counter with a chash register.

"What is your name?"

"Paul H."


"Niall Horan and Harry Styles."

" how long will you be renting?"

"about 3 hours."

"Ok Paul. So your total to pay is.... 2,000." I told him. He took out his debit card and swiped it. I gave him a paper with all the info on it and he left. It was 12. I got out the cleaning suplise and started dusting, vacuming, and scrubbing everything. When i was done, it was 2:50. 10 minutes till the 2 celebritys get here. I put the cleaning things away and changed my shoes into slippers. My feet hurt when i wear high-heels all day. The door to the store opened and 5 people walked in. Paul, 2 boys, and 2 BIG body gaurds.

"Hi Ma'am!" Paul said shaking my hand.

"Hi guys! Im Taylor Hendricks, Jimmie Hendricks grand daughter, and i will be showing you around the museum, and the store part! So are you buying a guitar or just looking?" I told them. The blond one spoke first.

"Im buying a new. Im Niall by the way." He said sticking a hand out to shake. We shook hands and i felt like i knew him. Ive never seen him before...

"Im looking for one but i am not shure which one. And Im Harry. You can call me Hazza if you want?" He said. Niall was Irish i could tell, and he had a more happy voice, but Harry or Hazza, he had a slow lower voice, british. Cute.

"Alright. So why dont we go to the Museum part?" I asked. I led the way. 1 hour later we were done and we went to go pick out guitars.

"I like the red one. What kind is it? Im looking for a Les Paul." Niall said. I picked the guitar off of its stand and looked at its tag.

"It is a Les Paul." I said handing it gentaly to him.

"9,000 dollers. Ill buy it!" He said.

"Ok. Harry, you need help?"I asked him. He was looking at guitars and he looked really sad.

"No. I need to.... oh gosh.... I feel horibal. not sick. Ugh. Can you hug me? I need a hug."He asked me. I opened my arms and he came in. the hug was a sad hug.

"She broke up with you Harry." I asked. He cryed his eyes out. I walked him outside through the back and I stood there, watching him cry his heart out. I couldnt stand there, so i just walked back in.

"Sorry." I said.

"Its nothing. So can i get this?" Niall asked handing me the guitar. I walked over to the cash register and he paid of it. He took the guitar and started playing my favorite song, the A team by Ed Sheeran. Once he was done playing, he looked at me. Oh god. those eyes.

"Here."He said handing me a peice of paper.

"Give me your phone and ill put my number!" I said.He handed me his i phone and i typed in my number and programed my name as 'Guitar lords G daughter'. He saw it and chuckled. Then he looked at me. With wide eyes.

"Your...His...Grandaughter?"he said.

"YEP!" I told him. His jaw dropped.

"COOL! Jimmie Hendricks is awsome! He is so amazing on the guitar, Its crazy!"He said. We were talking about Jimmie a little longer and Harry came back in.

"OH MY GOD. HARRY. WHAT HAPPENED???!?!!!!?!!?"I scream. He was limping and had a black eye.

"Fi Fen Fo Fa Faphwoom an ver fas a ughhghgh!" He said then colapsed onto the floor. He was pale. I got my iphone out of my pocket and called 911. They came and took him to the hospital.

"Do you want to come with us?"Niall asked.

"Shure! Let me close the store, one second!" I said grabbing the keys to the doors and locking everything. I walked out of the door and slid the mettle doors infron of the glass and locked it.

"LETS GO!"I yelled jummping into the car. Niall sat next to me and sat his guitar in the trunck.

"So.. Taylor. How old are you?" Niall asked starting a conversation.

"Im 18. My birthday is September 13th." (MY BIRTHDAY!^_^) I told him.

"Mine's the same day!"He said.

"Favorite color?" He asked.

"Blue and green!"


"Natural blond or died?"

"Died it when i was 12."

"ME TO!" We had everything in common with eachother.

"I like Peri Peri chicken!"

"ME TO!" We looked a little like eachother to! We finally got to the hospital and ran inside.

"Hi, we are here for Harold Styles?" Niall asked the nurse lady.

" Your names?" She asked.

"Taylor Hendricks and Niall Horan." I said. She handed us a tag that said 'Hi! My name is Taylor Hendricks!' and we put it on our shirts.

"He is in room 69." She said. Me and Niall both dropped into a laughing fit. 69! HAHAHAHA! She shook her head and moved us on. When we were walking down the hall, i felt someone holding my hand. I looked at my hand and it was Niall's. I smiled and he looked at me. He moved his arm so it was around my shoulders. He could tell i was scared about Harry. What Happened to him anyway?

*Hi! I know the name of the story is on every other story, but it is just a super good title for my story! Suprizes will be packed into the next chapter, OH EM GHEE IM LISTENING TO MOMENTS AND NIALLS PART IS LIKE OMG ITS AMAZING!!!! OHEMMGHEE! Im sorry, i just LOVE the song so much! And Give me love by Ed Sherran! OMG HE IS AWSOME. and who heard about Zayn and twitter?!? SO MUCH DRAMAMMAMAMMAMAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Even my mom thinks the hate should end. I feel bad for Zayn. WELL BYE SOORRRY BUT MY LITTLE FAN GIRL MOMENTS WILL BE IN EACH CHAPTER! keep you updated on whats goin on. By the way, im going to sign off like this -Liz, just so you know its me, because i am going to have my friends help me. Whoever wrote the chapter will sign off like that. SO BYE MY BIRDS BE FREE


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