Chapter 1 -Shatter-

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Chapter one .


I sat silently at my desk, Sensei was explaining to the class about the English test that was coming up soon. I already knew the answers, well, because with loser loner that nobody likes that I am, I have nothing else to do but study, not only in class but at my apartment to,

I wasn’t always like this; I had a good group of friends but in the middle of my first year, my best friend Takashi Watanabe, and the bread and butter of our group left japan to study aboard in America for a year. A new kid joined our class and took his place, and he decided that he didn’t like me. And with him being good in every single way, the rest of the group decided to throw me out of the group, the friends I’d had since middle school, threw me away without giving a second thought.

“Shiro Aasaka-san” Sensei said, I looked up at my name, “Can you please translate the following sentence into English; the elderly man walked through the peaceful park.”

I stood up, brushing my brown hair from my eyes, and translated it perfectly into English. Through the bulling, I just fought through it all; I was in my second year now, I’d got used to the constant feeling of be alone. I don’t even bother trying to befriend anyone, I don’t bother to join clubs and mingle with others.

I sat back down on my chair; I flinched and sat up a little, a thumb tack. I heard laughing and giggling behind me, I turned around to see him, Ganta Sato. He started this, taking away everything from me. I gritted my teeth and turned around to my book as the bell for lunch rang; I quickly gathered up my books and put them into my bag. And exited the classroom, I had to take books everywhere I went to save them from being vandalized.

I slowly made my way to the roof alone.


As the plane touched the ground of Japan, I found myself smiling; it had been an entire year since I had last touched ground in Japan. It was a refreshing feeling;

I wonder how Shiro is…

He hadn’t replied to any of my letters in over half a year. I can’t wait to see him again, has he grown in this last year? Is he taller? What about his hair? Is it longer? I felt a slight heat flood into my cheeks, and I sighed, I knew I had gotten a bit taller and my hair was much longer now,  I wonder if he’d for-no, no, no; that’s impossible, Shiro was my best friend, he’d been my best friend since primary school, there is no way that a little time apart would change anything, he would never forget about me, I’m sure that everything still the same as it was.

I stood up and struggled to get out of the plane, almost falling down the stairs.

Shiro, I’m home…

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