With one fast act I push Jacob back right when Malia attacks me. It's almost as if I knew she was going to right then. I watch -as the huge wolf she is- throws me to the ground and stands over me about to bite. At first I think my life is completely over but then I remember I can actually fight her. With all my strength I kick her huge body off mine and rush up a tree.

"Stupid mutt." I tell her while she tries to get back on balance. Her teeth come out in a pertect line of white as she starts running toward me; climbing the tree. I jump down and back onto the ground with a smooth landing. Her wolf instincts are slow but soon catch on as she realizes I'm behind her. Her head turns right when I dart at her flipping her onto the ground. She struggles to get out of my grip and soon her teeth win. With one small prick of her tooth my arm has a gigantic gouge in it. I gasp and fall to the floor; suddenly weaker then ever. She howls and then slowly walks to me; tauting me with every step. I clasp my hand over my arm and watch the blood spill out and over the grass. I suck in the pain and stand back up right when she flings me back. I hit hard against a tree and scream out in pain. If I was a vampire this wouldnt be hard at all; but no I'm not a complete vampire...so I have a disadvantage. Right when I think I have no chance I watch as three wolves come out of the bracket and attack Malia. I know who they all are; the deep brown one is Jacob, the light brown one is Seth and then black one is Sam. I cringe into the tree and dizzily watch as they hold back Malia from attacking me. I feel someone shaking me to my right and my first instinct is to hiss.

"Bella it's me." I hear a voice, but I dont know where it's coming from. I look to my right to see a figure I barely make out. I reach my hand out right when I hear something like windchimes in my ear. I shake my head and try to get the sound out of me. "Bella..." I hear it again and soon many growls follow. All within an instant my eyes black out and everything is lost from me.... I lie on the grass looking up at the night sky. The twinkling stars mesmorize me into a state i never knew I had before. Every worry I ever had vanished within a second and every thought i had left as well. The world was all mine; it was my heaven. It wasnt a punishment for anything yet a peaceful serene place for me. No vampires to ruin you, no wolves to protect you. Nothing. I was as safe as ever right here... My eyes fling open all in an instant and soon I realize who I'm looking up at. Edward. I try to swallow but my eyes on locked on his perfect ones. This can't be real! I won't believe it! I shake my head and then look to my left to find Jacob. I smile and then shoot straight up hugging him to death. My arm doesnt hurt at all right now; but I'm sure it will soon.

"Bella..." Jacob says releasing my grip. I breathe heavy as Jacob turns my head so I look to my right. I have to believe it now because Edward is standing next to me. I dont know where we are but soon it hits me...this is the Cullen's house! I gasp and then look back toward Jacob to tell if this is true. He nods and then I focus my attention back to Edward.

"Hi Bella." Edward's windchime of a voice meets mine and I start to melt away. No! Edward left me to die, left me to live on my own; I can never forgive him for what he's done. The anger in my heart has gotten the best of me and soon I can't hold it in any longer.

"Really? Is that all your going to say to me?" Edwards expression is different then before and I know why. I'm confusing him. I dont know how I am though. He must know the pain I have been going through with him gone? I mean everyone knows! "Remember you are the one who tore my heart out and scarred  me for life." I give him a snide gester and then swifty stand beside Jacob. "Come on Jacob let's go." I tug on his arm and he starts to walk back as well.

"Wait! Bella I know what I did was wrong; but I'm here now...I need you." Edward's sentence makes my throat burn. I would never get back together with him! I'm with Jacob; well I think I'm with Jacob anyway...

"What do you think would ever make me want to be with you again?" I ask giving him a death stare. I have not a second to falter before Edward's lips are connected to mine. I gasp and then push him hard into the window. Glass shatters everywhere but I feel no remorse for what I did. I'm glad I've told Edward I'm not interested in him anymore.

"Whoa there; when did you learn how to do that?" Edward asks standing up quick and dusting himself off. I give a laugh and so does Jacob.

"I dont know?" Is all I say back before I start breaking out in laughter. I just threw Edward Cullen into a window! I didnt think it was possible; but I guess it is! I cover my face into the bed and pound my fists against it laughing my head off. Once my mood attack is over I flip my hair back and face Jacob.

"Let's go." Is all I tell him before he jumps out the window and lands in the grass. I laugh and then look back at Edward. His face looks almost sad; though it isnt. I look down at my hands and get a slight feeling of remorse. I broke the window and Edward's heart; though he had deserved it. I rush around the room picking up all the glass shards and throwing them into the garbage.

"Goodbye Edward." Is all I say before jumping out the window and next to Jacob. We both dart out and into the forest. I still feel horrible for what I had just done but I'm sure I'll get over it. We soon get back to Jacob's house and I feel completely out of breath. I go straight into my room, not talking to anyone and fall onto my bed. Everything's draining through my mind at once! Edward has came home and now I dont know what to do? I love Jacob; but what about Edward? I clasp my hands over my face and think about everything. The feeling when Edward had left me, Jacob helping me when I was too depressed to do anything else, the kiss we both had shared when Edward was long gone. Everything ran through my mind. The moment when tears streamed down my face as I layed restless on that forest floor. The moment when I thought my life was completely over and nothing was worth keeping it. The moment when I wanted to die. Jacob has saved me, he has kept me alive all these months. He is the one I am truely in love with; not Edward. I take my hands off my face and sit up from the bed. I look at the little clock on my nightstand and it reads; 10: 58pm. I groan and then lie back down. I'm about to fall asleep when I hear a knock on my door. I sit up from my bed and watch as Jacob comes walking in through the door.

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